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Municode (now CivicPlus) has been providing Codification services to Leavenworth, Kansas, for over 40 years. When Leavenworth, KS needed to update its website, its leaders knew exactly where to find exceptional service—from its long-term codifier. Leavenworth’s last major website redesign launched five years prior, with the goal of upgrading the City’s web presence.

Unfortunately, the difficult-to-use CMS resulted in pages that went stale and rarely saw updates. As a result, residents could not access the most current community information. When the team at Leavenworth first started speaking with Municode (now CivicPlus), the designs and functionality of its website solution impressed them, but the affordability raised concerns. Were they going to get all the tools and great designs at such an affordable price?

Leavenworth discovered that an easy-to-use website does not have to be expensive. Updating content inside the new CMS has been so straightforward that information stays up to date. In addition, the website’s visually stunning design has dramatically increased the number of resident visitors, thus decreasing the need for users to reach out to the City by phone.

The staff feels the new calendaring system is the most significant benefit of the municipal website redesign. Unlike its old CMS, Leavenworth’s new calendaring system provides staff and residents visibility into upcoming events up to a year in advance.

Great websites must be easy for staff, and residents and budget-friendly. Leavenworth’s new website does it all.

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