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Louisburg, Kansas Partners with CivicPlus® for Service and Solution Excellence

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Louisburg, KS



With a population of about 4,300 residents, don’t mistake Louisburg, Kansas, for being a quiet, sleepy city. It’s comprised of a close-knit community and is close to everything, offering its residents the ideal mix of neighborly values and modern conveniences. Its government, which consists of a mayor and five council members, is committed to providing the best of everything to its residents, from an array of parks and recreation services to year-round events to digital self-service solutions to everyday civic needs and requests.

For Jean Carder, Louisburg, Kansas Communications Coordinator, being part of the City’s leadership means doing her part to make life in Louisburg convenient, connected, and community-focused.

“I’ve lived in Louisburg for thirty years,” said Carder. “It’s my hometown now.”

She relies heavily on her team at CivicPlus to help her manage resident communications and the City’s digital presence.

Before CivicPlus

“Our former mayor was instrumental in the decision of moving to [CivicPlus®] as our website solution,” said Carder. “Our previous website was static. You couldn’t update it unless you know code. He made the recommendation to the City Council to redesign the website with CivicPlus, and that’s what we did.”

After CivicPlus

Based on analytics that Carder has reviewed with her Customer Success Manager, the website’s traffic data indicates that now that the City is hosting a modern, functional website, more citizens are using it regularly for news and information.

“We’re always trying to drive more people to the website,” said Carder. “And with our latest website redesign, it’s way more interactive and user-friendly. People can find things on it now more easily than they could previously. My customer success manager has shown me analytics that shows what pages people look at most frequently. It’s valuable to understand what people want to learn about.”

The Future of Government Content Delivery

In Carder’s estimation, local governments need to continue finding ways to deliver timely and relevant news and information to residents.

“My background is in journalism,” said Carder. “Small-town newspapers continue to dry up. Local governments need to communicate their message to citizens because people may not have access to that information through traditional media sources. We need to be that platform.”

Carder also sees transparency as a critical factor in the future of resident engagement.

“Local governments need to make sure that people can trust them as a government agency, find the information they’re looking for, and don’t think you’re trying to hide things from them.”

The CivicPlus Difference

When asked what makes CivicPlus unique from other solution providers, Carder is definitive in her response.

“Your people,” she says. “It’s your people that make you good at what you do. Every time I call my customer success manager, it seems like he drops everything to help me. If I contact the Technical Support Team, they are right there to answer my questions and get it figured out. I’ve always had very responsive experiences when I’ve reached out to CivicPlus. That’s super important in developing relationships with me—that I can place a phone call and someone answers. I’ve worked with some great customer service reps at CivicPlus, and it’s that relationship that matters—that my contact recognizes my voice when he answers the phone.”

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