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The Municipal Police Employees’ Retirement System of Louisiana Expands Digital Presence with CivicPlus®




The Municipal Police Employees’ Retirement System of Louisiana (LAMPERS) needed to expand its online footprint for its members and prospective retirees. This entailed providing a new website and a platform for its charter, policies, and procedures, and member handbook. Before partnering with CivicPlus (formerly Municode), the old LAMPERS website became outdated as it hadn’t been updated to reflect modern web standards. While it provided almost every resource retirees could need, it lacked a cohesive, visually appealing design. LAMPERS’ leaders also wanted to look past traditional PDFs for a solution that could host three distinct publications into one easily navigated platform.

LAMPERS found the answer to its problem with a CivicPlus Municipal Website and Policies & Procedures Software (PPS). With a new website, members can find all the information they need. The biggest change is the rotating images of officers around the state of Louisiana found on the homepage. Policies & Procedures software moved its handbook away from PDFs along with two other publications, Charter for the Board of Trustees and Policies & Procedures, into a simple to navigate platform. LAMPERS members and Board Members can find what they need through the search bar or table of contents directly below it. This eliminates the constant scrolling of a traditional PDF and reduces the amount of time it takes to find information. The books can also be accessed through any device and are available to staff and members 24/7. All of these have different workflows, and SPS allows each publication to keep their preexisting process, ensuring staff can continue normal operations.

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