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Marriott-Slaterville, Utah, Achieves Digital Transformation with CivicPlus®


Marriott-Slaterville, Utah


Logo of the City of Marriott-Slaterville


Municipal code, policies, and other public information were not accessible to residents on-demand


Implement Policies and Procedures Software and a new Municipal Website


Greater accessibility and transparency for residents and staff

Marriott-Slaterville, Utah, wanted to bring more government resources online for its community to access. Its leaders’ first priority was to host its municipal code, policies, procedures, and meeting minutes online. After some time, they decided to give the city’s website a much-needed facelift too.

Before partnering with CivicPlus (formerly Municode), the City used to have multiple publications available in downloadable PDFs or in hard copies at the City’s office. This made it difficult for some in the community to view important information. Downloading PDFs took some time and required free space on a resident’s computer. To see the hard copies, one would need to travel to their office or file a request. For those who did not have reliable transportation, traveling imposed a burden. Requests could take a few days to fill as staff searched for the right page or document, leaving residents waiting for a response. Both options were not instantly available and accessible, and the City wanted to address both concerns.

Marriott-Slaterville implemented CivicPlus’ Policies and Procedures Software (PPS). PPS hosts all three of the aforementioned publications into one easily navigated platform. Equipped with a search bar and table of contents, finding specific parts of municipal code, policies, or meeting minutes takes seconds. Uploading each publication is fast and easy as the system can effectively host dozens of pages, a particularly helpful feature as the City maintains meeting minutes back to 1999. The platform is available 24/7 and on any device, resolving the City’s biggest need for on-demand content.

After having PPS for a few years, Marriott-Slaterville decided to also redesign its website with CivicPlus. The new website gives the community a modern and visually stunning website. A non-scrolling layout on the homepage improves navigation for residents with the website’s quick links readily available. It also expands the resources available to the community along with PPS, increasing transparency for the City.

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