Challenge: Easy access to code of ordinances for residents and staff

Solution: Online Code Hosting from CivicPlus

Result: Improved transparency, access, and ease of use

Keys to Project

Citizen relationship management, communication outreach, data management

Estacada, Oregon Expands Partnership with CivicPlus® with Online Code Hosting  

After launching a new CivicPlus Drupal website, Estacada, Oregon, realized how easy it was to manage and create content. This led the City to add Online Code Hosting from CivicPlus (formerly Municode) to its software stack. Before this integration, the City's code of ordinances was not available online, which made it difficult for residents and staff to quickly obtain code information. The staff did not have a simple and modern process to handle its existing code and residents had to travel to the City Hall to view the code. 

CivicPlus acquired Municode in 2021. Today, Municode's software, including its Drupal-based website content management system (CMS) and its Online Code Hosting solution are part of the CivicPlus Civic Experience Platform.


Estacada, Oregon

When Estacada's new website launched, the staff realized the simplicity of creating and managing content online. Since CivicPlus had designed the City's website, its leaders wanted to expand its CivicPlus software stack by integrating Online Code Hosting with its website. As a result, staff can now draft legislation directly from the existing code as well as publish new code instantaneously. This makes working remotely simple while remaining efficient. Residents also have a place they can view their code anywhere and from any device, resulting in greater transparency and compliance.

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