Challenge: Inefficiencies caused by disparate software

Solution: A comprehensive website redesign and streamlining of solutions

Result: Enhanced transparency and greater efficiencies

Keys to Project

Citizen relationship management, communication outreach, data management

Putnam County, GA Consolidates Digital Solutions onto a Single Platform

Putnam County, Georgia, used various processes for essential city services. Recognizing this inefficiency, they worked with CivicPlus® (formerly Municode) to leverage a newly expanded suite of solutions that integrate different services into a single unified platform. 

Bringing these three solutions together, Putnam County created an efficient way for users to access information across platforms from one place to enhance transparency.

Putnam County, Georgia

Putnam County's previous website was relatively modern and logically organized; however, the County was looking for a more attractive and intuitive information hub. They also desired more control over creating and administering content and an easier-to-use back-end for staff.

Getting the County’s website up-to-date with the latest ADA requirements was a significant advantage of a state-of-the-art website redesign. In addition, the County needed a better way to organize and display its meetings, agendas, and minutes. 

Putnam County went through a comprehensive redesign of its website, including content architecture and website navigation. Upgrading to a CMS that utilizes the open-source Drupal CMS framework, staff can more easily manage and publish content. With basic training and no prior website administration experience, such intuitive functionality provides a more user-friendly solution for busy content creators. Choosing a CMS built specifically for managing local government content also made organizing and accessing content more manageable for residents, businesses, and County visitors.

By choosing CivicPlus, Putnam County integrated its agenda and meeting management solution with its new website. Now, agendas, packets, and minutes are automatically published and searchable through the website’s search engine.

Putnam’s code of ordinances, published using CivicPlus' online code library, also became accessible through the website’s search engine. Bringing these three solutions together, Putnam created an efficient way for residents to access information across platforms, enhancing transparency and increasing resident satisfaction.

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