How planning ahead saved this water district time and energy in the long-run


Yorba Linda Water District



Located just minutes away from the Disneyland Resort in Anaheim, the Yorba Linda Water District provides water and sewer service to over 80,000 residents and local businesses for the City of Yorba Linda, as well as portions of Placentia, Anaheim, Brea, and unincorporated Orange County.

With a steady increase in Public Records Act requests, the Yorba Linda Water District wanted to stay ahead of the curve by finding a timesaving software solution.

Prior to NextRequest, Records Management Specialist Marcus Millen processed requests manually through multiple applications with no streamlined processes in place. He communicated with his colleagues about requests through email, which made tracking difficult. He says it was “very time consuming to… import each email message, correspondence, and requested documents into [the] electronic content management software” they were using at the time.

Centralizing With NextRequest

With NextRequest, Marcus has been able to consolidate all of his processes in one centralized application. He especially likes “the features NextRequest has for streamlining processes such as message requester, message staff internally, note, add staff time, add document, pause request – waiting for requester, close request and print request.” By having everything he needs to manage public records requests in one place, Marcus says he has been freed up to handle numerous in-house projects he wouldn’t have had time for before.

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