Challenge: Digital access to news and information for residents

Solution: Implement a modern, easy-t0-manage CivicPlus website

Result: Positive civic experiences and digital information access

Keys to Project

Citizen relationship management, communication outreach, data management

Saxman, Alaska, Chooses CivicPlus® for a Modern Municipal Website

Saxman, Alaska, needed to bring something to its community that it never had: a municipal website. Before the City's website went live, the residents of Saxman only had two options for getting important information: They would either need to call City Hall or travel there to get what they needed. With only two people working at the City Hall, this could get in the way of other work.

CivicPlus acquired Municode in 2021. Its Drupal-based Municipal Webstie solution is now part of the CivicPlus Civic Experience Platform.


Saxman, Alaska

The City's leaders realized the necessity of a website and needed to develop one quickly without sacrificing quality. Staff wanted to ensure it was easy to maintain so they could focus on other work. 

Saxman found what they were looking for with CivicPlus' (formerly Municode) Municipal Website solution. The City's new website went live in a record two months and had a look and feel unique to the City.

Elements on the site incorporate sights from the City, such as the Saxman Totem Park, Port of Saxman, and mountain landscapes. Finding information is fast and easy, with a top menu and quick links that ensure residents can get what they need in three clicks or less. The website also has a newsletter and calendar so the community can stay updated on the latest news and events in Saxman.

CivicPlus' Drupal-based content management system (CMS) is simple and easy for staff to manage, ensuring all pages remain fresh and up to date. After realizing the integration of CivicPlus solutions, Saxman added Agenda and Meetings Management software to its solution suite to automate its meeting processes. Content managers create documents through the platform and automatically upload them to the website. With a two-person staff, both CivicPlus solutions alleviate City Hall's workload while expanding resources to the community. 

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