Challenge: The need for greater transparency

Solution: An integrated Municipal Website, Agenda and Meeting Management, and Municode Codification system

Result: Increased functionality, engagement, and features dedicated to transparency

Keys to Project

Citizen relationship management, communication outreach, data management

Tulatin, OR Relies on CivicPlus® for Integrated, Modern Technology

The City of Tualatin is a dynamic, vibrant community conveniently located just 12 miles south of Portland and 30 miles north of Salem, the state capital. With a population of 26,054 and many visitors, Tualatin looked to increase transparency for community information. Tualatin partnered with CivicPlus (formerly Municode) in 2019 and currently uses three of its solutions to power its administrative operations: the Municipal Website content management system, Agenda and Meeting Management software, and Municode Codification. The tech stack integrates to provide a unified local government solution that empowers the City to reach new levels of transparency.

These solutions now work together, creating one unified local government solution that reaches a new level of transparency.


Tualatin, Oregon

Tulatin's website boasts a non-scrolling homepage that features key links, a scrolling photo reel, and a list of popular destinations. The site follows a three-click or less approach for finding information. The powerful CivicPlus search engine unites the City's website, meeting agendas, and code of ordinances, making it easy for residents to find the information they need. When a user searches on the website, it pulls results for content on the website, public meeting documents, and their local government code. This allows Tualatin to have unparalleled transparency for its community. 

For enhanced document management and exceptional administrative efficiencies, Tualatin uses CivicPlus' CodeBank, CodeBank Compare, eNotify, and OrdBank functionality. The tools provide staff and the community with historical ordinance records, email notifications, and an ordinance repository. 

The City's Agenda and Meeting Management software helps Tualatin manage its public meetings and improve staff members' workflow capabilities. With integrated Online Code Hosting, when drafting legislation during a meeting, the staff at Tualatin can request that code changes the council makes during the meeting be moved directly to the landing page of the code platform. The changes will then be included with other updates. Meeting minutes may also be published directly on the website after the meeting ends. The result is expedited and simplified legislative management.

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