Everything You Need for Web Design & Communication is in CivicEngage

CivicEngage has been designed to provide optimal flexibility and control so you can enhance your CivicEngage website, utilizing it as a tool to amplify your citizen engagement communications. To offer the greatest flexibility in customization, without requiring web development coding skills, the following Aurora features allow for the intuitive creation and editing ability of a wide variety of content types.



If your current workflows require you to publicize community activities, collect registrations, and manage payment transactions via multiple systems, the Activities feature will streamline all the activity scheduling logistics using a single interface—saving you time and effort when coordinating each event.


Agenda Center

Don’t spend countless hours gathering agenda items from key stakeholders, updating documents, saving copies in multiple places, and then trying to aggregate corresponding reference documents when distributing meeting minutes ever again. You can now streamline document management, improve internal communications, and enable transparency compliance with the agenda center.

Agenda Center

Alert Center

How do you communicate potentially disruptive, non-life threatening events such as road closures, parking alerts, water main breaks, mild weather alerts, boil water advisories, and other news to citizens today?  

Post important information in a highly visible position within a CivicEngage website, and send detailed, immediately relevant information from a single interface.

Alert Center

Archive Center

Store all of your documents that must be retained and accessible to citizens by using The Archive Center, a single interface that seamlessly integrates with your civic website. Make important documents sortable, searchable, and accessible by civic administrators and citizens-- all within one easy-to-manage system that can be sorted by date, time, category or keyword.

Archive Center

Bid Postings

How does your procurement department manage bids today?  Aggregate documentation, outline bid details, and publish searchable and downloadable content to ensure your administration receives viable, qualified bid responses all from one intuitive interface.



Tell your story with an easy to manage writing platform, add multimedia elements like photos and videos, and then share it across all your available communication channels with ease. Create and post on topics such as local news, community events, local elections, and more.

Blogging Dashboard


Post future events, create multiple department calendars, incorporate interactive maps for events, control bookings of community facilities with the Facilities feature, display calendar events in different formats, allow citizens the ability to add events to their personal calendars and more.


Community Connection

The Community Connection module is a two-way communication tool designed to allow citizens to contribute to their communities and interact with one another through a controlled, hyper-focal community forum offered by local governments. Citizens can create groups, invite friends and neighbors, and can discuss topics that matter most to them such as little leagues, Homeowners’ associations, book clubs, knitting circles, and more.

Community Connections

Community Voice

This two-way communication tool is designed to allow citizens to contribute to their communities and interact with one another by giving municipalities a platform for soliciting citizen feedback and input on community topics. Community Voice gives you access to citizen and voter ideas, feedback, suggestions, and concerns that can help shape public policy and community initiatives as well as valuable insight on any topic requiring citizen feedback. 

Community Voice

Document Center

Eliminate all access and transparency issues that can arise by providing you with an intuitive, and interconnected document storage and sharing solution that also converts Microsoft Word documents to PDF format using the feature’s built-in PDF converter, saving further time, effort, and file storage.

Document Center


A dynamic way to display information to citizens on any type of community reservation listing, such as public parks, pools, town hall meeting rooms, ski/snow trails, and more with an intuitive interface that allows citizens to find facilities available for reservation through an interactive map. 


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How many times each week do you answer the same question multiple times for multiple citizens? If it’s more than once, it’s too many. As a best practice, every civic website needs an FAQ section, so we created an easy-to-use template based on our experiences building thousands of municipal websites. 



Online forms mean less paper, and fewer walk-ins, which save your administrative staff time, not to mention filing space. The Forms feature is easy to use, allowing any non-technical site administrator the ability to create a customized, interactive online form. 

Forms Image

Graphic Links

With our Graphic Links feature, you don’t have to be a website designer to create visually engaging buttons and links throughout your website. This feature allows you to start with a basic shape or uploaded image and customize its look and interactive properties to make sure every detail of your civic website a true representation of your community.


Info Advanced

How do you promote important local news, events, projects, and developments today?

Create unique content for your site that can be frequently updated, such as advertisements, tourism promotions, election information, and more using Info Advanced.


Job Postings

The Job Postings feature allows citizens to access information on job openings and how to apply, as well as easily download and submit an application with a resume to the appropriate hiring manager, all from an easy to navigate online interface.

Job Posting

My Account

Add a social media component to your civic website with the My Account feature. This powerful tool allows your citizens to collaborate and have their ideas and concerns heard by their local government administrators. My Account proves to citizens that their local governments want them to be engaged and also gives you and your staff immediate access to citizen comments.

My Account

News Flash

Communicate breaking news immediately through The News Flash feature to mitigate the risk that an event will negatively impact your community. Share essential information in times of breaking news that impact the community, such as election results, school budget votes, minor weather conditions, and more. 

News Flash

Notify Me®

The Notify Me feature serves as the cornerstone of your citizen communication and engagement strategy. This communication subscription tool allows citizens to subscribe to receive multi-channel notifications on only those topics that matter most to them while providing them the option to choose to be notified by email, or text message. 

Opinion Polls

Gain valuable insight into the topics that matter most to your citizens and gain access to citizen feedback faster using our Opinion Polls feature. Create survey questions and post them to your civic website where citizens can provide their feedback, which demonstrates to your citizens that their civic leaders value their feedback.


Photo Gallery

Show-off the beauty of your community with our easy-to-use Photo Gallery feature. It’s designed to easily manage and display groups of high-quality photos of local events and community scenes, which will help you to engage citizens and drive traffic to your website, all while making posting photo galleries simple—no photo editing experience required.


Quick Links

No one knows the needs and interests of your citizens like the way that you do. Use the Quick Links feature to easily create a designated area on your website where citizens can go to find direct links to the most commonly requested site areas, documents, forms, and content.

Quick Links

Real Estate Locator

Our Real Estate Locator feature allows for the posting of user-submitted real estate listings on your civic website. For you, it means you can easily update and manage a database of available real estate listings (both residential and commercial) and share them publicly using a single, familiar interface.


Resource & Business Directory

Our Resource/Business Directory feature is designed so that you can easily add or update community business listings into our pre-designed format, based on directory search best practices. Offering local businesses the ability to list their contact information on your civic website offers valuable opportunities to build stronger relationships with business leaders in your community.


Staff Directory

The Staff Directory feature allows you to quickly and easily create new entries, or modify existing records and organize staff by departments or divisions for ease of citizen or internal search functionality. This is the perfect way to ensure contact information for your administrative staff is easily accessible for citizens, and easy for your site administrators to maintain.

Staff Directory

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