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CivicEngage® Features

Time-Saving Solutions

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Document Management

The CivicEngage CMS comes fully-equipped with a robust set of document management tools including: 

These tools work with other key features of our CMS, making it easy for administrators to build dynamic content that is easy for citizens to navigate and access. For example, once a document or image is uploaded, you can easily link to it from any page, announcement, or FAQ, or you can attach an agenda from the Agenda Center to a calendar event so meeting attendees can access the meeting materials from a single location.

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Agenda Center

Citizen Engagement

CivicEngage also includes several effective and easy-to-use citizen engagement communication features and modules:

These tools also easily integrate with the other key CMS features. For example, posting a calendar event can automatically send an email notification, a text message, and post to social media. Entering an alert can automatically create a highly noticeable banner and notice box on the homepage, an email message, a text alert, and a social media post, all in a single step. Notify Me works with a variety of features and modules to trigger automatic messages when new content is added such as calendar entries, News Flash items, alerts, jobs, and bid postings. No duplicative data entry required.

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Function-Specific Features

The CivicEngage CMS includes several function-specific features and modules for government departments including:

These features and modules are integrated into the CivicEngage CMS and offer the ability to complete multiple steps in one action. Adding a job or bid posting into a category automatically alerts anyone who has requested notifications on those items. Facilities integrates with the Calendar feature to allow you to choose an entry in the Facilities feature as the location of the event and avoid having to enter all the details of the location. CRT gives your staff an easy way to allow citizens to enter requests, track activity, and close completed tasks. All this is transparent to the citizen entering the request if you choose, reducing phone calls and walk-ins. 

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Feature Jobs

Special Features

Specialized Content Features

CivicEngage includes many specialized content features that allow you to enter content by simply filling in predefined boxes, and clicking save and publish. These include:

Entering information into almost all the CivicEngage features is as easy as filling in boxes and clicking Save. Once new information is entered, it can be used on any page of the site via widgets. Entering a News Flash notice about a boil water advisory can be entered once, then displayed on both the homepage and the utilities page by simply dragging and dropping a News Flash widget onto each page and selecting the category you wish to display.

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Some of Our Most Helpful Content

To learn about the variety of easy-to-use modules available with your CivicEngage website, review our module summary guide

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