CivicPlus Civic Experience Awards Frequently Asked Questions

All existing U.S.-based CivicPlus customers are eligible to be nominated. Nominations may recognize a municipal project team, a department, or an entire municipal entity, including special districts.

We regret that we can not accept nominations from our customers in Canada as this program has not been designed to comply with those Canadian laws that impact promotional contests.


Any municipal employee of a current CivicPlus customer may submit a nomination. In addition, individuals may self-nominate their team, department, municipality, or special district. CivicPlus employees may not submit on behalf of a customer.

A panel of judges will select gold, silver, and bronze winners from all submissions.

A panel of CivicPlus employees, media partners, and advisory board members (comprised of CivicPlus customers) will select the winners.

The nomination process will take place between January 4 and February 15.

In early March, Gold, silver, and bronze winners will be notified that they are among the finalists. Then, an award ceremony will occur during CivicSummit in early May 2022 in Orlando, Florida, at which point CivicPlus Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Brian Rempe will announce the rank order of the winners.

The first-place winner will receive free attendance to CivicSummit (for a single representative), a free year of waived hosting and support fees for their next CivicPlus solution purchase, a recognition trophy, and a press kit to promote their accomplishments.

We want to hear your innovative approaches to improving civic experiences in your community. Winning submissions will reflect programs, initiatives, or process changes that create interactions for residents that are frictionless, simplified, and/or personalized. In addition, highly eligible submissions will reflect quantifiable impact results that demonstrate how the initiative saved time, money, improved staff efficiency, job satisfaction, employee engagement, or resident engagement.

No, we want to hear any way that you are improving civic experiences (but if our solutions have helped, please share!). If your submission does include a story of how our products have improved civic experiences in your community, we might reach out to you to discuss creating a case study about your experiences.

For full rules, terms, and conditions, click here.