Nominations for the 2022 Civic Experience Awards are now closed. Please check back in the winter of 2023 for next year’s nominations.

Submit Your Nomination for the 2021 Civic Experience Awards

Civic experiences are interactions between local governments and the citizens they serve.

Every day in communities of all sizes, citizens interact with their local government. Sometimes the interactions are intentional and transactional—such as when a citizen pays their water bill in person at the local public works office. Other times, the experiences go unrealized, such as when a citizen safely drives on a snow-plowed road or turns on their faucet to pour a glass of clean water.

Representatives of the top three winning submissions will be recognized at CivicSummit™ 2022 in Orlando, Florida on May 5. In addition, they will receive free attendance to CivicSummit and a free year of waived hosting and support fees for their next CivicPlus solution purchase.


We want to hear your stories of projects, initiatives, or process changes that have created positive civic experiences in your community.