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CivicReady Features

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Unlimited Messaging, Users and Subscribers

Communication with your citizens is essential to every aspect of local government, so CivicReady ensures your capacity to communicate with your citizens is not limited. CivicReady allows you to send unlimited SMS text, email, Text-to-Speech (TTS) and voice recorded messages for emergency and routine notifications at high rates of speed. Multimedia messages can contain text, audio, video, and attached documents and may be saved and scheduled in advance to quickly launch an alert when time is of the essence. You have an unlimited number of administrators, users, and subscribers as well, with the ability to enter unlimited member email addresses, mobile and landline phone numbers and physical addresses.

An easy-to-use, intuitive web interface lets you launch alerts from your laptop, smartphone or to all communication channels and devices you leverage via one workflow. Simply select the applicable contact paths, compose a message or upload a pre-designed template, and click send. Alerts will then be transmitted simultaneously to all of those selected.

Unlimited Messaging
Geo-Targeted Notifications

Geo-targeted Notifications

Local government entities and emergency departments can easily and quickly communicate with public safety personnel and citizens based on their location using ESRI mapping technology. Simply draw a multi-point polygon shape on a map of your community to define the boundaries of your message, and CivicReady will notify everyone in your network within that area using their stored addresses. You can also filter groups to send to within the geo-targeted area.

By defining a geographical communication area and/or groups, you have the greatest flexibility in targeting communications, which means when citizens do receive an alert, they will notice and act.

From localized power outages, to road construction projects, to wildfires, and criminal activity, geo-targeting enables municipalities to quickly alert individuals in the affected area via mobile (text/voice) phone, landline phone, email, social media, and many other channels.

AlertMe App for Citizens

The free CivicReady AlertMe app empowers your citizens to sign up, manage their notification settings and receive notifications all from the palm of their hand. It improves the citizen experience in receiving communications from your organization while also improving the effectiveness of your mass notification capabilities. 

Alert Me allows citizens to quickly and easily:

  • Sign-up to receive notifications
  • Set their notification preferences
  • Manage group memberships
  • See all the latest sent posts
  • Manage their profile and contact information
  • Enable locations services to receive Geofence messages
  • See regional messages near current location and alerts from set home location

Learn More About GeoFencing


AlertManager App for Administrators

The AlertManager mobile app from CivicReady allows administrative users to access the full power of CivicReady from either an iOS or Android device. Users can quickly launch critical alerts and enable push notifications allowing them to send important messages and alerts from any location, directly from user’s smartphones, without having to login to the system. Quick Posts can be leveraged within the AlertManager mobile app to initiate fully templated alerts with two clicks. For both emergency notifications and day-to-day messaging, our app gives administrators the ability to send messages in only two steps and to view comments and replies in real time.

Multilingual Messaging

With CivicReady’s multilingual functionality, your posts can be automatically translated for citizens that speak a variety of languages. Subscribers can easily select to receive text and emails in their preferred language. You compose and send messages the same way and messages are translated automatically for those subscribers that have selected language translation. Ensure all of your citizens are connected and informed with CivicReady multilingual messages.

Send messages in 11 different languages:

  • Arabic
  • Chinese, simplified and traditional
  • French
  • French Canadian
  • German
  • Korean
  • Portuguese
  • Russian
  • Spanish
  • Vietnamese

*Please note, while no digital translation service is able to offer 100 percent contextually accurate translations and pronunciation in every language, the CivicReady translation feature has been tested and enhanced for the highest quality comprehension and word-for-word translation accuracy possible. Additional languages can also be added to our service upon request. 

Multilingual Capabilities
Website Embeds

Citizen Engagement Made Easy

Effortlessly integrate CivicReady and engage citizens with website embeds, text to opt-in options and an easy profile management process for citizens.   

CivicReady can embed customizable portals in any local government website. Standard Embeds include sign up/registration embeds and message embeds displaying the latest alerts and news. 

CivicReady’s versatile system offers citizens with opt-in and opt-out capabilities to meet the specific goals of your organization. Citizens can choose to opt-in to receive messages from CivicReady by easily texting a selected code or key word chosen by the administrator. By texting to opt-in, the citizens will instantly be added and receive messages from the chosen group.

Citizens can also easily manage their profile by logging in, and can opt-in or out to available groups on their network, edit contact details, and select notification preferences. Our powerful platform offers a simple, user-friendly interface.

Real-time Reporting

CivicReady offers administrators detailed graphic and text reports for each message sent. Reporting within the CivicReady system allows administrators to view and capture engagement statistics, including the status of delivered and undelivered messages and the percentage of confirmed/unconfirmed contacts.

You’ll have comprehensive analytics to provide real-time reporting and create paper trails to more easily comply with applicable notification and reporting requirements (e.g., Clery Act, DOE Opportunity Act of 2008), and satisfy the National Preparedness Plan, NIMS, Homeland Security Target Capabilities, including citizen evacuation and shelter-in-place protection, along with other requirements for remaining compliant.

Following the onset of a crisis and broadcasting critical alerts, easily and quickly confirm, in real time, the status of critical alerts sent via text, TTS, voice and email to ensure alerts have been delivered to all intended recipients. Real-time analytics enable you to take alternative steps to reach recipients who experienced a delivery failure.

Reporting Summaries

Customized Residential Database

Notification systems can be powerful tools for sharing information with your citizens in an emergency. Though citizen opt-in for communications is the preferred method, we understand local governments also rely on residential databases. We will provide a verified residential database already uploaded and ready to use in CivicReady including names, addresses and phone numbers. Our database is provided by a trusted national source that is manually phone verified and provides reliable data for your community. The source has consistently ranked first in all categories, including accuracy, and specializes in providing data to governmental entities with a 99% confidence level.

Two-way Text and Email

Whether to survey citizens, communicate between group members or identify the location and availability of staff in an emergency, CivicReady will empower you to allow email and text responses to notifications on a group-by-group basis. Responses can be directed to the sender of the message, all administrators, or members of the group. Those at the scene of an event can request additional personnel and resources, confirm request approval and provide timely reporting from ground zero.

Group/User Management

CivicReady provides extensive administrator rights and detailed group settings with unlimited user groups. Users can communicate with all members in the system or target notifications by group to reach only those affected. Efficiently manage contact data between various databases with simple .csv file exchanges. CivicReady gives your staff the power to quickly and easily update your contact lists by providing a secure FTP site to which administrators can upload .csv files from your databases directly to CivicReady groups. Once contacts have been entered, administrators may search membership files by multiple criteria, including name, phone number, email or street address. Using a contact list directory, administrators may message contacts through any of the unlimited groups which have been created.

Social Media Integration

CivicReady’s integration with social media applications such as Facebook and Twitter will allow you to post social media messages simultaneously. Accounts can be integrated to automatically post all notifications, and group notifications can post to different accounts.

Quick Launch Templates

Communicate with one click by using quick launch templates that can be pre-written for specific events and emergencies in advance. Launch these templated notifications in seconds with one easy-to-use workflow to all channels.

Additional Features

  • Fully responsive mobile
  • Adjustable call throttling
  • Multimedia capabilities, allowing you to add images, audio, video and other attachments to messages
  • Rich text email capabilities
  • Custom caller ID and email domain set up
  • Direct short message peer-to-peer (SMPP) and SMS text messaging capabilities
  • Ad-hoc messaging to send communication to new groups on the fly
  • Preview the message before sending or send the message to yourself to confidently launch a communication
  • Ability to schedule notifications in advance
  • Incident reporting that allows citizens to send anonymous tips via email or text
  • Opt-in by citizens with key word or code
  • Reverse playback function in text to speech
  • Secure, cloud-based hosting with 99.99% uptime
  • 24/7/365 client support

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