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Free Downloadable Template: Crisis Management and Communications Planning for Local Government

BONUS: Local Government Emergency Communication Best Practices

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When a crisis strikes your community, your department leaders need to band together to keep citizens and staff safe, disseminate critical information and instructions, respond to media inquiries, and triage priorities. Coordinating such efforts amid a crisis can feel unbearable. Instead, rely on a structured, proven, preestablished crisis management and communication plan designed specifically for your municipality.

Complete the form to download a FREE Crisis Management and Communications Template. Use it to outline such critical steps as:

  • An escalation framework
  • Departmental responsibilities
  • Your response management workflow
  • Executable actions and responsible parties
  • Assessment and adjustment protocols

Bonus: Local Government Emergency Communication Best Practices.

Local government public safety communicators must have a plan in place to keep citizens informed. Follow our emergency preparedness communication best practices to ensure you are providing relevant, timely, and actionable instructions throughout the crisis and recovery periods.