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Learn to Leverage Social Media During a Local Crisis

If you’re looking to reach as many citizens as possible as quickly as possible during a local emergency, it’s time you learned the power of social media.



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New Social Media eBook

What's Inside?

To help emergency managers learn to effectively leverage social media as part of their crisis communication plan, we’ve developed, The Importance of Social Media in Crisis Communications, eBook. Our free, comprehensive eBook will give you actionable advice for using social media to inform citizens during local disasters.

Our eBook will teach you:

  • The social platforms most utilized by your citizens
  • Why social media needs to be a critical component of your crisis communication plan
  • How mobile technology is impacting the growth of social media
  • How to leverage Facebook and Twitter specifically during a crisis

If a natural disaster or act of terrorism strikes your community, you’ll need every communication channel available to reach as many residents and travelers as possible with your safety messages. With 81 percent of Americans on social media, platforms such as Facebook and Twitter are rapidly becoming key resources for local governments to communicate with citizens in times of unexpected disaster.

Download our ebook now.