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Introducing our Client Advisory Board

Together, Making A Difference

Our CivicPlus® Client Advisory Board is comprised of six of the nation’s leaders in public sector enterprise technology and civic engagement. The board serves as a collaborative, strategic forum of industry partners to gather input and insights into the technology trends and emerging needs of public sector entities that will inform CivicPlus’ ongoing innovative product development. 

The members of our Client Advisory Board represent national leaders and innovative thinkers in public sector technology from a variety of municipal cities and counties. We are pleased to collaborate with the following client board members:


Tom Klein

Tom Klein is the Chief Information Officer for the Town of Greenwich where he has served as the Town’s most senior IT leader since 2014. He is responsible for delivering and maintaining technology capabilities and services that drive innovation across Town Hall departments to improve the quality of life for Greenwich residents. 

Tom has over 25 years’ experience working with business leaders to assure that technology always aligns with business goals. He has an extensive track record leading technical teams, implementing business applications, integrating systems, and improving processes for some of the world’s largest consumer-oriented companies. He previously served as Senior Director at Time Warner, IT Director at Forbes Inc., and Senior Content Architect for Avon Products’ Global Digital Center of Excellence.

Tom earned his MS in Management Information Systems from Boston University, and his BBA in Marketing from Iona College where he also served as Adjust Professor. He has background and expertise in software development, workflow analysis, process automation, information integration, content architecture, web analytics, search engine optimization, identity management, database design, data center operations, and cyber-security.

Karen Connelley

Ms. Connelley is the Deputy Chief Information Officer for Maricopa County, Arizona. She leads the Office of Enterprise Technology (OET) Advanced Services division, which includes enterprise applications analysis, development, and maintenance support, as well as the OET Customer Service Center and PC/LAN support organization. She is an experienced executive with over 20 years of IT experience both in the private and public sectors. Prior to joining Maricopa County, Ms. Connelley spent several years at the State of Arizona working in its Strategic Enterprise Organization, seven years at Actuate Corporation running its Worldwide Professional Services Division and IT Data Operations Center, and fifteen years at American Express as a Vice President of Technology. Ms. Connelley holds a bachelor’s degree in Marketing from the University of Northern Arizona. 

Bud Harris

Mr. Harris is the Chief Information Officer for Kitsap County, Washington. In line with his experience, Mr. Harris runs Kitsap County IT functions much like a Private Sector Service Bureau. Kitsap County is considered an innovations leader with a focus in Business Process Improvement (BPI), Total Cost Ownership/Operation (TCO), and Lean Six-Sigma Project Management. Prior to his service to Kitsap County, Mr. Harris worked in the banking industry, where he ran IT for a multi-bank holding company. He then transitioned to work at Nation-Wide Healthcare as Director of Data Center Operations for twelve years. Mr. Harris has served in Kitsap County for 18 years.

Rebecca Hascall

Ms. Hascall is the Deputy Chief Information Officer for Jefferson County, Colorado where she has served for over nine years. As Deputy CIO, she leads the digital services division and develops the IT strategy for the county. Ms. Hascall oversees multiple IT teams that support Project Management, ERP, GIS, ECM, Case Management, Finance/Revenue, and Software Development. Prior to her work in Jefferson County, Ms. Hascall spent time in the private sector at companies such as Oracle (PeopleSoft), Sun Microsystems, and JD Edwards. She holds PMP and ITIL certifications and holds degrees in both Computer Information Systems (Ohio State) and Business German (Georgia State).

Oswaldo Mestre, Jr.

Mr. Mestre is the Director of the Division of Citizen Services for the City of Buffalo and serves as the City’s ombudsman and its Chief Service Officer (CSO). As CSO, Mr. Mestre oversees development of the Mayor’s 3-1-1 Call and Resolution Center, Mobile Application, and other citizen-centric programs. The 3-1-1 Call and Resolution Center was designated a “Citizen-Engaged Community” by the Public Technology Institute, Inc. (2012, 2014, 2016) for providing the public with multi-channel access to government services. Additionally, Mr. Mestre oversees the development, implementation, and assessment of neighborhood revitalization and quality-of-life programs such as the Mayor’s Citizens’ Participation Academy, the Save Our Streets Program, the nationally acclaimed Clean Sweeps Initiative, and the Housing and Urban Development (H.U.D.) Crime Prevention Initiative. Mr. Mestre has received numerous awards including designation among the “Top 25 Dreamers and Doers” by GovTech and the “Computerworld Premier 100 Tech Leader Honorees.” Mr. Mestre received his undergraduate education from the University of Buffalo where his major area of study was Architecture and Public Policy & Administration.

Renan Ramirez

Mr. Ramirez is the Chief Information Officer at Hidalgo County, Texas. Born and raised in Houston,  Mr. Ramirez credits his multi-cultural experience as giving him a broad foundation and exposure to a wide spectrum of technology. What started as a teenage hobby in programming VCRs and document translation, led to a career in public sector IT. Mr. Ramirez has been with Hidalgo County for over 17 years where he leads the county in delivering innovative technology, supports data resources, information systems, IT infrastructure, and application development. He holds a degree in Computer Information Systems from Universidad Autonoma de Guadalajara. Although his focus is on technology by day, Mr. Ramirez loves to engage others about his many interests, including fitness, history, food, and anything multi-cultural.