Recorded Webinar: The Future of Gov Tech and Its Impact on the Civic Experience

Original Air Date: Monday, May 22, 2023

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Tune in to an insightful conversation with some of CivicPlus' most senior leadership as they discuss:

  • The future of government technology
  • The effects of digital advancements on new opportunities for local governments
  • The ongoing goal of fostering stronger feelings of trust and appreciation among residents





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About Your Hosts:

Brian Rempe, CivicPlus Chief Executive Officer 

Brian graduated from Kansas State University in 2003 with a Bachelor's in Computer Information Systems and earned an MBA. He is serving as CEO at CivicPlus in Manhattan, Kansas, after previously holding positions of President, Chief Strategy Officer, Chief Technology Officer, and Director of Technology within the company.  

Brian leads more than 550 employees with the mission to improve government work by offering innovative software solutions. Brian is a member of both the Computer Science Advisory Board and the MBA Advisory Board at Kansas State University. He previously served on the executive board of his local Boys and Girls Club chapter. 


Ben Sebree, CivicPlus Senior Vice President of Research and Development  

As the Senior Vice President of Research and Development for CivicPlus, Ben Sebree is in charge of finding new opportunities for CivicPlus' unified applications portfolio to adapt and meet the changing needs of local governments and their residents. He achieves this by utilizing the latest and most innovative technologies. Ben's experience in technology spans over twelve years, focusing on enterprise platforms, IoT technology, AI, CaaS, and integrations for seven years. His expertise has been recognized with multiple industry awards, and he continues to innovate, holding several pending patents. 

In addition to leading CivicPlus' integrated solutions, Ben collaborates with third-party partners to create industry-leading system integrations that can serve as the foundation for all local government software needs. Ben earned a Bachelor of Science in Management Information Systems and Human Resources and a Master of Business Administration from Kansas State University. 


Brenden Elwood, CivicPlus Vice President of Market Research

CivicPlus Vice President of Market Research Brenden Elwood is passionate about community engagement, community betterment, and knowledge gained through research and conversation. With over 14 years of experience as an elected official and professional research experiences, Brenden helps CivicPlus continue to scale and provide best-in-class solutions. Brenden leads CivicPlus' Market Research arm and is developing programs to understand better how our solutions positively impact civic experiences in the communities we serve and how we can tailor our solutions to meet their needs.