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CP Connect™

311 and Citizen Request Management Solution

The old, inefficient ways of connecting with citizens and managing their requests are out. Smart, lean local governments need simple, streamlined, and smart solutions to meet the needs of their community better. Traditional 311 and citizen request management tools won’t cut it either. That’s why we’ve built a solution to help you receive, review, and respond to citizens like never before.

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CP Connect Fact Sheet

Download our fact sheet to learn how CP Connect can help you: 

  • Funnel all citizen requests from all channels—including email, phone, social media, and online forms—into a single hub
  • Respond to citizens via their original communication channel using the CP Connect interface
  • Turn citizen requests directly into actionable service tasks for staff members
  • Consolidate and analyze citizen suggestions and feedback
  • Identify insights and analyze opportunities using aggregated feedback and request data