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The Clerk’s Essential Guide to Preparing for Local Elections

Discover how the right technologies can lighten the workloads of clerks and government officials while empowering voters.

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The Ultimate Guide to Ensuring Transparent, Compliant, and Secure Elections Through the Use of Purpose-Built Technologies

Clerks and local government officials have a lot on their plates during election season. Leveraging effective tools to streamline processes, connect with voters, and manage important tasks can make all the difference.

This eBook, “The Clerk’s Essential Guide to Preparing for Local Elections,” delves into CivicPlus® digital solutions designed specifically for government staff to manage the complexities and heightened responsibilities of this time. Featured technologies include:

  • NextRequest – Systematizes the influx of public records requests and simplifies workflows, alleviating the strain on resources.
  • Agenda and Meeting Management – Supports timely preparation, efficient decision-making, and the dynamic needs of election season meetings while optimizing collaboration.
  • Municode Codification – Helps maintain compliance by providing quick and easy public access to accurate municipal code, encouraging residents to engage with local governance.
  • Social Media Archiving – Enables responsive communication and strict adherence to public records legal requirements by preserving high-volume interactions on social media.
  • Municipal Websites – Supplies a centralized and safeguarded location for election information, combating misinformation by facilitating fact-based voter education.

With tools that make details such as voting instructions, municipal laws, and public records readily available to the public, governments can ensure transparency during elections to instill confidence in residents. Technologies that promote compliant processes are essential for legitimizing and reinforcing the legality of elections. At the same time, cybersecurity measures like data encryption are necessary to protect against voter information theft, unauthorized access to election results, and other threats from bad actors.

Find out how the full suite of CivicPlus digital solutions enables clerks and local government officials to manage their responsibilities successfully, even during the most overwhelming times of year. Fill out the form above and download the eBook to get the full story.