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Get the Facts on Growth and Safety Solutions from CivicPlus®

Your one-stop guide to integrated solutions for community development and safety goals

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Local governments have long been faced with the challenge of managing processes for community development while upholding safety and compliance. Whether it’s repairs to a rental property, a new office complex, or upgrades to a public park, in order for your community to grow you need to be able to work with residents, business owners, and developers alike. Fragmented and manual processes stop you from meeting them where they are, create frustration, and slow development down. But with modern technology, local governments can enter a new era of efficiency and see their communities thrive.

CivicPlus® Growth and Safety bundling opportunities offer everything government agencies need to foster end-to-end experiences with municipal websites, municipal code, resident requests, permits, licenses, planning and zoning, fire safety practices, and emergency notifications. This robust suite of digital tools simplifies and streamlines tasks, positions communities for growth, and solves safety and compliance challenges. All while enabling seamless public interactions with internal processes. It’s a true one-stop solution for improving efficiency and resident satisfaction.

Here’s why it matters:

  • 73% of the general public interact with their local municipality online (both web and mobile)
  • Overall, only 48% of residents are satisfied with their local government
  • Only 32% think their local government resolves issues quickly
  • 63% are both dissatisfied with the communication they receive and think their local agency does not care for and funds improvements to its infrastructure
  • 52% believe their local government is living up to expectations
  • Only 37% trust the leadership enough that they don’t feel they need to pay attention to what they are doing (and only 16% have extremely high trust in their agency’s leadership)
  • The driver of both trust and satisfaction for most residents (62%) is easy access to everything
  • CivicPlus is a true industry leader: our solutions serve 67% of the US, over 220 million people

Ready to learn more? Download our fact sheet for a complete overview of our integrated Growth and Safety solutions.