CivicPlus® Announces Second Annual Civic Experience Awards

Written by Jessica Marabella

CivicPlus is recognizing local government leaders creating positive resident interactions.

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CivicPlus is holding its second annual Civic Experience Awards to recognize current U.S.-based CivicPlus customers leading local government departments, teams, and municipalities working hard to improve civic experiences in ways that create greater resident satisfaction and safer, cleaner, and more profitable communities. 

What are Civic Experiences? They're the interactions between local governments and the residents they serve, from paying utilities to registering a pet, from signing up for recreation leagues to watching a recording of a recent public meeting.  

"Positive interactions between local governments and residents are crucial to building greater trust and resident satisfaction," said CivicPlus Chief Executive Officer Brian Rempe. "Our vision is to bridge the gap between local governments and their residents by providing consistently positive civic experiences. Last year, we were overwhelmed by the number of inspiring stories we received during the nomination process. We look forward to hearing from our customers again this year." 

We want to hear about your innovative approaches to improving civic experiences in your community. Tell us about programs, initiatives, or process changes that create interactions for residents that are frictionless, simplified, or personalized. U.S.-based CivicPlus customers can submit their nominations on the Civic Experience Awards website starting May 22, 2023. Nominations may recognize a municipal project team, a department, or an entire municipal entity, including special districts, and are due by June 26, 2023, at 11:59 PST. 

Visit the Civic Experience Awards website for more information.