How to Become a Certified Municipal Clerk with the IIMC

Written by Jennifer Leibrock

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The Certified Municipal Clerk program enhances the performance of clerks in all sizes of municipalities worldwide. The program has assisted clerks since 1970. Since then, municipal clerks can earn this CMC designation by attending the necessary educational programs and having relevant experience serving in a particular municipality. Those who progress through the CMC program are prepared to meet the many complex challenges municipal clerks face with the assistance of dedicated education and local clerk associations' help.  

So, what does it take to become a clerk with a CMC designation? Follow along for a general overview of steps and basic requirements for consideration and certification, or check out the application process from IIMC. 


  1. Become an IIMC Member  
    While it's true that you cannot be certified until you have been an active IIMC member for a minimum of two years, you don't need to wait that long to apply for CMC. Once you join IIMC by completing the application and paying annual dues, you can begin the application process for designation and then plan out your path to achieve your goals. 
  2. Complete Your Application for Admission 
    Your application will ensure IIMC is aware of your enrollment and will verify your status as a program candidate so you can begin to track your points. You must earn 60 education points and 50 experience points to obtain a CMC designation.  
  3. Show Your Work 
    Document and be able to provide evidence of the following with supporting documentation: 
  • Proof of completion of required coursework 
  • Knowledge of program content 
  • Show tracked hours to verify earned points 

Once IIMC confirms that you have met the requirements and paid the fee, you will be notified of your certification by mail. 


Why Become a CMC? 

Across the globe, there are nearly 4,500 CMCs, according to IIMC. The United States alone accounts for 4,351 of those designations. Clerks who earn this designation benefit from networking and greater established credibility. 

Make More Money 

According to an online career resource, the average city clerk's salary is over $60,000, with the highest reported pay reaching over $100,000. Like any job, it's often about proving your authority to expedite your career progression capabilities. Certifications in your field can be the difference between average and high-end pay. 

Gain Experience, Expertise, and Knowledge to Improve Your Community 

Perhaps the greatest benefits of a CMC designation come in the form of the experience, education, and expertise you learn during the certification process. Every lesson learned is a chance to apply best practices to your department and create positive civic experiences in your community. 


In Conclusion 

Earning your CMC designation will require commitment and determination. The learning hours and requirements are extensive and require focused effort. However, the knowledge gained, along with the network of support and benefits of acquiring the certification, makes the work well worth the effort for thousands of clerks across the country; this means you’re about to join an elite group of peers.