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CivicPlus® COO Dave O'Reilly's Interview with Modern CTO Podcast

Authored by Civic Plus Logo


December 29, 2022
5 min

On Monday, December 19, Modern CTO Podcast spoke with CivicPlus COO Dave O’Reilly. The podcast, hosted by Joel Beasley, is the #1 place technology leaders and CTOs hang out to discuss trends impacting the tech industry.

Joel interviewed Dave on the topic of leadership and the critical link between technology and positive civic experiences. They discussed how technology is being leveraged to empower local government; how raising the bar for your own development enhances leadership quality; and why technology can create trust between government and residents when implemented properly.

Listen here:

About Modern CTO

In 2017, while writing the Modern CTO book, Joel Beasley started interviewing CTOs. These interviews turned into the Modern CTO Podcast, creating a conversational atmosphere for leaders to share their experiences. Today, the Modern CTO Podcast is the #1 Leadership & Tech Podcast in the world. Over 88k CTOs, Lead Developers, and rising tech leaders actively listen to the Modern CTO Podcast.

About Dave O’Reilly:

Start-up, large BU ($150m+), digital transformation, SaaSification, acquisition, IIoT, Analytics, Industry 4.0 & technology business leader with a proven track record of business turnarounds, business growth, and over-achieving business objectives. Self-motivated, a strong team player, and a proven leader with significant expertise in software & solution sales. Unparalleled ability to build followership internally and externally regardless of the size or complexity of the organization.

Comfortable working with C-level contacts and above with vast experience in developing, closing, and managing complex international deals and relationships. My knowledge of VC-backed ventures, IoT, IIoT, AI, EAM, WMS, Manufacturing best practices, logistical processes, mobility and complex software integration allows me to manage investor, operational, IT & board relationships with ease.

COO of fast-growing GovTech100 organization, focused on growth, profitability, lean, and empowering constituent interactions with Local Government.

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Authored by Civic Plus Logo