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CivicPlus® Vice President of Market Research, Brenden Elwood Re-Elected as Council Member for the City of North Bend, Washington

Jess Marabella

Director of Content and Communications

December 15, 2023
5 min

CivicPlus®, a leader in integrated public sector technology, is pleased to share that in November, its Vice President of Market Research, Brenden Elwood, was re-elected to the City Council in his hometown of North Bend, Washington. As part of its commitment to powering and empowering local governments with technology and services that solve the unique challenges facing local governments, CivicPlus seeks to hire team members who are current or former public sector staff members or elected officials. In his role leading the company’s market research team, Elwood’s experience as a city council member provides him with deep insights and lived experiences that help drive CivicPlus’ product and business innovation decisions.

Elwood says he ran for re-election in North Bend because the City is in a critical state of hyper-residential growth.

“We have limited area and resources,” said Elwood. “Too much market-rate residential growth will create an imbalance.”

Elwood’s goals and focus areas for his next term include establishing more local small businesses, increasing affordable housing options, particularly for seniors and local workers, preserving open spaces, and continuing legislation that maintains building height restrictions.

Scaling operations and service modalities to address rapid population growth are among the many challenges CivicPlus aims to support its customers with through its innovative technology solutions. As a CivicPlus leader and active city council member, Elwood’s unique insights are vital to supporting CivicPlus’ mission of developing customer-centric technology and customizable services.

“Since I am deeply entrenched in my community as a local elected official, I can take my working knowledge of the needs, wants, and desires of a local government leader and role it into valuable context for the research I currently do for CivicPlus,” said Elwood. “And because my job allows me to travel and interview other local leaders and people who make government work, I gain additional insights that none of my council colleagues have, which benefits my City. In a very practical and useful sense, because of my two roles, I am blessed to tap into a system of experiential reciprocity that is rare to have — a perfect blend of my professional life and my passion for public service in my private life. They both help me inform and improve one another continuously.”

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Jessica Marabella
Director of Content and Communications

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Jess Marabella

Director of Content and Communications