CivicPlus® Acquired Optimere Solutions

ArchiveSocial, Monsido, and NextRequest, are now part of the CivicPlus Civic Experience Platform.

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Strengthening Digital Civic Experiences

Today’s world is digital, which makes your administration’s online communication and accessibility capabilities essential to becoming a trusted resource and fostering positive civic experiences.

To keep up, administrations are under increasing pressure to routinely evolve policies and practices to ensure compliance with increasing regulations around data retention, accessibility, and privacy.


A Comprehensive Solution

To ensure you can build consistently positive, transparent, and secure experiences that elevate resident satisfaction across your social channels and websites, CivicPlus has expanded our web, social, data privacy, and records production solutions. 


Ensuring Compliance and Accessibility

The adoption of ArchiveSocial, Monsido, and NextRequest enhances digital experiences, accessibility, and public records management to help build resident trust in government at every touch point. Now, we can deliver more robust assurance, privacy, and performance, from social media to web governance and user experience, that allow agencies like yours to rapidly adapt to evolving regulations, increase revenue, and streamline operations.

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    Automate and Simplify Your Digital Record Keeping

    ArchiveSocial is the leading social media archiving software in the public sector, ensuring legal protection and compliance with public records and decreased costs associated with records requests management. 

    With ArchiveSocial, thousands of forward-thinking government entities, law enforcement agencies, and educational organizations can openly and transparently communicate online.

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    Securely capture and retain content from your organization’s social media and website, and define the retention period through custom disposition rules.


    Minimize organizational risk and reduce public records violations with accurate context preservation that ensures a record’s authenticity with digital signatures, timestamps, and unmodified metadata.


    Easily locate stored records and export pertinent records with advanced search, annotations, filtering, tags, and one-click export features.

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    Achieve and Maintain Accessible And Compliant Websites

    Monsido is a leading web accessibility software designed to enable organizations to deliver a superior and inclusive user experience across their digital presence and support their journey to ensure communications are open, optimized, and compliant. 

    The Monsido Platform includes a cohesive suite of tools for web accessibility, website quality assurance, brand and content compliance, user consent management, and more.

    Scan Your Website


    Identify and fix website errors faster with Monsido’s regular scans of your website that help you find, prioritize and bulk fix website errors that disrupt the user experience.


    Achieve, maintain, and prove compliance for web accessibility regulations and WCAG standards, data privacy legislation, or required regulatory content.


    Eliminate the need for multiple tools with our all-in-one platform for website optimization, maintenance and compliance, all at an affordable price.

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    Manage and Fulfill Public Records Requests Faster Than Ever

    NextRequest is the country’s leading FOIA request management software empowering governments to easily manage public records requests.

    State and local governments of all sizes rely on NextRequest to coordinate records requests cross-departmentally, to increase compliance, and to decrease costs associated with request management. Agencies save time and increase transparency with our secure and easy-to-use software.

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    Simplify your records request management with tools that give you visibility into your workflow like reporting, automated reminders, and due-date tracking.


    Reduce risk with built-in redaction, permissions, audit trails, and the new Risk Module that uses machine-learning to identify sensitive data in your documents and determine risk levels.


    Increase self-service with request diversion, email automation, and robust publishing tools.