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CP Media

Live and Recorded Local Video

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The Power of Video

Video is one of the best tools available for increasing citizen engagement and effectively communicating important information. Recorded video is incredibly valuable, but the latest digital trends all surround live video. Imagine how exponentially you could enhance your citizen engagement if you could share live videos of important community events with interested citizens not able to attend in person, and then post the recording for even more citizens to watch when they have the time.



Community Engagement

CP Media allows you to easily incorporate recorded and live videos anywhere on your CivicEngage® website—no advanced technical knowledge required.

With our easy-to-use solution, you can quickly and easily post high definition videos of such content as:

  • Board meetings
  • Community concerts or parades
  • School sporting events
  • Council meetings
  • Press conferences

Mobile Access

CP Media allows citizens to watch videos on a mobile device, enabling them to connect with your community anytime and anywhere. Closed captioning functionality ensures all citizens at all times can fully consume live and recorded video content. Ideal for situations when audio is not convenient, and for those living with an auditory disability.


Reach your goals with confidence

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