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Create Positive and Lasting Civic Experiences

Our Citizen Relationship Management solution, SeeClickFix, is a full-service citizen relationship management solution designed to remove communication barriers between citizens and their local government.

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Citizen Relationship Management Software for Local Government

CivicPlus has over 20 years of experience helping local governments to build better communities and provide positive civic experiences for citizens and staff. With more than 900 employees and 12,000+ customers, give us a chance to provide a robust communication solution for your community.

With our Citizen Relationship Management Solution, SeeClickFix, you get:

  • Resident communication features to consolidate and manage messages all from one inbox
  • Staff collaboration features that promote internal organization and empowerment
  • Mapping and data analytics that help optimize your citizen interactions

If you are looking for a way to leverage the communication channels residents already rely on, create a personalized and more service-oriented culture in your organization, and provide positive civic experiences, contact us to learn more about our time-saving software.

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