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Fact Sheet: Modern Public Service Software for Residents and Staff

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There will never be a shortage of problems to solve when it comes to public services. And up until now, the process for solving those problems has been pretty much the same. A citizen calls to report a problem, public service workers record the problem, a department must meet to fix the problem, another department must approve the solution to address the problem, public service workers need to check out tools to fix the problem, and eventually, the problem is resolved. Meanwhile, the person that alerted you to the problem in the first place can’t see the intricacies of what goes into fulfilling their simple request. Even though the issue has been taken care of, a new one has arisen—a breakdown of communication between citizens and their government.

Turn these types of problems into praise with SeeClickFix, a modern public service software that gives residents a way to speak and government officials a way to listen. Download our fact sheet to learn how SeeClickFix can rebuild communication and trust between you and your community.