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Retain comprehensive records of posts and activity on your organization’s Facebook page automatically with Social Media Archiving.

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Securely store Facebook communications for public records compliance

Facebook posts are public records for many industries. Focus on what you do best while our Social Media Archiving software makes sure your Facebook records are securely retained. Searching, finding, and presenting records upon request are simple processes with the archive, so you won’t have to worry about misplaced or lost records.

The most trusted Facebook archiving software

When every record counts, use the archiving system relied upon by thousands of government agencies, including U.S. presidential offices, the U.S. National Archives, and many others. Be ready for public records requests – get the most complete and reliable record capture available for social media platforms.

Automate your Facebook page record retention

Let our Social Media Archiving software manage your public records from Facebook. No more screenshots or spreadsheets, no more missing records.

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Be Prepared for Facebook Records Requests


Never Lose Data

Quickly find full records and make sense of all posts and comments in their original context.


Stay Compliant

Have peace of mind knowing your Facebook page is compliant with your state’s records laws.


Get Total Visibility

Track your organization’s online presence and complete social media history in one place.

How it Works

Our Social Media Archiving software connects directly to your organization’s Facebook page. When interactions, like posts, reactions, and messages, happen, they are automatically captured and stored in your archive. Even the original metadata, deleted posts, and hidden comments are recorded in near-real-time by the product’s Facebook archiving software. Never miss a record – let our software automatically capture and backup the activity on your Facebook page while you focus on serving your community.

Records Management Made Simple

We support Facebook, X, YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest and more – all in one archive.

Create your Own Facebook Archive, Built for Transparency and Record-keeping

Social Media Archiving’s continuous Facebook archiving software automatically captures and preserves your content from Facebook and other social platforms in near-real-time.

Easy Search and Export

Locate the records from your Facebook page quickly with handy search filters and tags. Easily export records as PDFs or Excel sheets.

Facebook Backup

Maintain all of your records –including deleted, edited, and hidden posts and comments from your Facebook page(s).

Cloud-Based Platform

Eliminate the need for costly storage systems and IT resources with our secure, cloud-based platform.

Facebook History in Context

Expand comment threads to view full conversations and relevant metadata that’s automatically captured by Social Media Archiving.

Flexible Pricing Options

All archiving plans include unlimited data storage, continuous archiving, and access to core features.

Easy Integration

Simply sign in to your social accounts to connect them and start archiving with the Social Media Archiving platform.

Trusted By More Than 5,000 Organizations for Facebook Record Capture

Automate your record retention on social media. See how simple it is to start archiving Facebook pages with Social Media Archiving in a free product demo.