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Retain crucial records of posts and activity on your organization’s TikTok account automatically with Social Media Archiving.

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Constant Monitoring & Capture

Capture TikTok content in near-real-time, along with metadata to provide a complete view of activities.

Comprehensive Compliance

Preserve TikTok content in its original format in your secure archive to meet regulatory mandates and simplify overall supervision.

Automatic Archiving

Browse and locate exact TikTok records using keywords, date ranges, and more for quick exports.

Use TikTok with Confidence

More and more government agencies and school districts are realizing the value of connecting with their community via TikTok. TikTok’s immersive video app has quickly gained popularity, with over one billion monthly active users in just five years, a feat that took Facebook and YouTube eight years to accomplish. With users across all ages and demographics, it’s easy to see why agencies and school districts have been eager to join TikTok.

However, without the right solution to govern its usage, your agency can be at risk of privacy breaches and noncompliance with regulatory mandates. Social Media Archiving reduces these compliance and security risks to help agencies communicate, advertise, and confidently make public safety announcements.

How it Works

Getting started is easy! Once you log in to your secure archive and connect your account, Social Media Archiving starts to capture your organization’s TikTok content (current and past) directly through API integration.

Content is captured and stored in its original context with metadata in near-real-time, where you can search and retrieve it at any time.

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Key Features

Never miss a record – let Social Media Archiving automatically capture and back up the activity on your TikTok account while you focus on serving your community.


Content in Context

All content is retained in full context, including profiles (user name, display name, bio), public videos (video, username, post time, video description, link to video), some reports, and related metadata.


Advanced Capabilities

Retrieve account history with backtracking, and retrieve new content with automatic streaming and polling. Locate all records in your secure archive easily with continuous advanced search UI improvements.


Powerful Search

All content is indexed for speedy retrieval. Users can search for TikTok content in their secure archive based on user, date range, keywords, or content tagged to specific cases, events, or topics. Set up your own user-defined tags or leverage system tags (like edited, deleted, etc.) to quickly browse and search records.


Easy Set-Up

Account connection and configuration are controlled in your secure archive and can be enabled for an individual or whole organization.


Social Media Archiving Support

With Social Media Archiving, all TikTok communications are securely stored in your archive, where you’re able to include annotations and set up retention periods. And if you ever need help accessing your account or finding a specific record, our Customer Experience team is here to help.

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TikTok adoption is increasing in every sector

Our annual State of Social Media Survey found that TikTok is the most likely next social media platform to be launched by government agencies and school districts

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Ensure your agency’s compliance on TikTok today!

Get a free demo of Social Media Archiving with a social media records specialist. Complete the form to get started.