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# Community Development

Permitting Overview and Demonstration

How to streamline permitting processes to bolster community development.

March 28, 2024

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Outdated manual processes for permitting cost local governments unnecessary time and money. Without streamlined methods to manage applications, documents, and payments — community development initiatives lose momentum. Today’s ever-evolving digital landscape demands that local governments leverage technology to upgrade permitting practices.

In order to educate government officials, urban planners, and community development professionals on the value of permitting technology, we hosted a webinar and demonstration of the Permitting module of the CivicPlus® Community Development solution. The recording of the live event offers valuable insight into the advantages and opportunities this software creates. Host Tim Koeshall introduces and explains features that:

  • Improve permitting workflows and efficiency
  • Automate time-consuming manual processes
  • Reduce paperwork and create cost savings
  • Provide greater transparency into processes
  • Foster collaboration between government agencies
  • Integrate processes for planning, code enforcement, licensing, and fire and life safety

In addition to outlining key features of permitting software, Koeshall showcases real-life success stories to demonstrate how local governments have transformed their community development practices with modern solutions. Fill out the form above and start watching the on-demand webinar now to discover new tools that improve collaboration, increase citizen engagement, and attract investment to your town or city. This is an exciting opportunity for local government officials to make their way to the forefront of community development innovation.

About the Host:

Tim Koeshall

CivicPlus Strategic Solutions Consultant Tim Koeshall works with our Community Development solution. Tim has 13 years of experience working in government technology with a particular focus on software that meets the needs of the building, planning, code compliance, and public works departments. He pays close attention to customer feedback and emerging issues in the industry, so he can positively influence the product roadmap and improve our software. Tim graduated from Missouri State University and currently lives in Helena, Montana.