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# Website Design & Communication

Unlocking Exceptional User Experiences: Designing User-Friendly Websites With CivicPlus®

Speaker: Megan Lach, Demand Generation Manager at CivicPlus 

Original Air Date: September 12, 2023

Watch On Demand

Watch on Demand: Designing User-Friendly Municipal Websites With CivicPlus.

Discover the art of crafting user-centered design principles that transform CivicPlus Municipal Websites into hubs of exceptional user experiences. This pre-recorded webinar offers best practices for navigation, content organization, accessibility, and responsive design, ensuring seamless resident access to local government services online.

Webinar Learning Objectives:

  • Dive into the core principles of user-centered design.
  • Tailor CivicPlus Municipal Websites to provide unmatched user experiences.
  • Learn navigation, content organization, accessibility, and responsive design best practices.
  • Enable residents to effortlessly access and interact with online government services.

About Your Host

Megan Lach Headshot

Megan Lach

Demand Generation Manager at CivicPlus

Megan Lach is a seasoned Demand Generation Manager at CivicPlus, armed with a bachelor’s degree in marketing and a wealth of experience in the Saas industry. Megan’s proficiency lies in formulating and executing dynamic marketing strategies across diverse platforms. Beyond her professional prowess, Megan embodies a robust work ethic, a positive demeanor, and exceptional communication skills. As an adept team player, she seamlessly collaborates with cross-functional teams, uniting sales, product marketing, and customer success to realize shared objectives.