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Communicate like a rockstar: How small teams can make a big impact

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On July 21, Andrea Iglar, Director of Communications and Community Development for South Fayette Township, PA, joined ArchiveSocial to share her secrets for making a big impact with a small team. In conversation with Marcus Smith, ArchiveSocial’s resident compliance expert, she revealed her tips and tricks for making the most of her skills and resources to craft expert communications for her area.

Working as a team of just one or a few isn’t new to many government communicators, but the volume of communication and the number of channels has increased for many communicators in recent years. So how do you keep up with it all while building trust with your residents? In this webinar, you’ll learn tips for how to:

  • Balance ongoing work with requests from other departments and set realistic expectations
  • Cross-utilize other department’s or your own content for newsletters, social media, and more
  • Tap into skills and experiences from other parts of your life to inform your communications work

The Speakers


Marcus Smith

Digital Compliance Expert ArchiveSocial – Powered by CivicPlus

Digital Compliance Expert at ArchiveSocial, helps public agencies and school districts navigate digital compliance, accessibility, and records management challenges to ensure they effectively meet online regulations while providing better support for their community. Marcus has helped thousands of agencies and organizations establish best practices and training to mitigate risks across their social media and websites and streamline the fulfillment and management of records requests.


Andrea Iglar

Director of Communications and Community Development South Fayette Township, PA

Andrea Iglar, Director of Communications and Community Development for South Fayette Township, leads the communication efforts, including the website, social media, marketing, community outreach, and public relations, for a municipality of more than 18,000. Andrea has over eight years of government communication leadership and serves as executive editor of South Fayette Connect, a nationally and internationally award-winning magazine. Andrea has won numerous NAGC Blue Pencil & Gold Screen Awards and is a former journalist for the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette with over 1,000 articles.