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Social Media Lawsuits: Are you prepared for a records request?

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The national emergencies of 2020 created a public broadly critical of the government that directly impacted public agencies and school districts.

The reality is, a records request is going to come. And how you prepare today will be the difference between a costly lawsuit, and an easy PDF export.

About the Speaker


John Donnelly

Account Executive at ArchiveSocial

John Donnelly, Account Executive at ArchiveSocial, has been helping public agencies protect themselves from risks for 5 years. John has become a reliable source of truth in the industry, keeping public entities informed so they can remain compliant and protected online. ArchiveSocial is the world’s leading provider of social media archiving technology in the public sector. ArchiveSocial enables more than 5,000 forward-thinking government entities, law enforcement agencies, and K-12 school districts to openly and transparently communicate across social networking platforms while ensuring legal protection and compliance with public records.