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Municipal Web Design & Software Built For Local Government

The Integrated Technology Platform for Local Government

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Website Design Experience Local Governments Rely On

Local government websites need compliance, accessibility, and security. Our focus is on developing the best government websites in the U.S and Canada.

20+ Years focused on local governments

3,500+ Local governments trust us

60,000+ Local government employees use us

75,000,000+ Citizens interact with our solutions

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Government Web Design Made Easy

See the Possibilities of Your Local Government

We know things have changed for you. Citizens’ expectations are on the rise while resources are dropping, and now, more than ever, you need a partner who can give you more.

More solutions, more “aha” moments, and more tangible results. 

Local Government Website Design and Software for Any Size

Our flexible, scalable CMS and software solutions fit with any size city, county, township, or any other municipality. From 1,000 to 1,000,000 citizens, we have the web design package for you.

Essentials Plan – Works for most local governments with less than 15,000 citizens.

Premium Plan – Designed for populations of 15,000 to 100,000 citizens.

Enterprise Plan – Ideal for populations above 100,000 citizens.

We will work with you to provide you with the best options for your citizens and employees.

Find The Plan That is Best for Me
Local Government Websites
Website Security

Hosting, Disaster Recovery and Security

We are at the forefront of the latest advancements in security. Protecting and advising local governments on their cybersecurity needs.

We invest over $1 million annually on cybersecurity. This allows us to mitigate the risks that local governments are facing. We have teamed up with local and federal enforcement agencies to share information

Website Hosting – We've partnered with a highly-respected colocation data center provider.

Disaster Recovery – We do not take any chances with your data. If our primary data center should be interrupted, a second geographically diverse data center can be accessed for disaster recovery.

Cybersecurity – Security can be physical assets (e.g., firewalls), software assets (e.g., security testing), policies and procedures, and response plans (to mitigate an event).

Allow our experts and experience protect your organization.

See How We Keep You Protected

Responsive Design That Works on Any Size Device

Mobile is not a trend, but a way of life and it’s not going to reverse. Over 50% of your site visitors are viewing your website on mobile devices.

Our municipal websites and software works on any size device. Local government websites must be mobile-ready to serve your citizens.

Learn Why You Must Be Mobile-Ready

Responsive Web Design
Website Training

Consulting, Migration, Training and Support

We don't just provide you with software...Our employees specialize in local government websites and software. We have the knowledge and experience to train your staff.

Local government websites and software need to be optimized for efficiency. Just having a website is not enough. We ensure you get the most out of it.

Consulting – Anyone can build a website. That is easy. You should build a website your citizens can use. A website built on real data including: surveys, analytics, and user testing.

Data Migration – We not only transfer your content to your new website. We also condense, improve and optimize it

Onsite & Offsite Training – We train your employees. Enabling them to get the most out of your software investment. Large teams of users or small, our over 2,500 implementations have us ready to get your team up and running.

24-7-365 Support – Everyone claims to have 24-7 support. We encourage you to talk with our clients to see what makes CivicPlus support different.

See How We Ensure Your Success

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Learn how to turn your website into a community engagement tool.

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We've got you covered, take the guess work out of your local government solution with just one call.

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Get in touch with us online. We proudly serve over 2,500 local governments including states, municipalities, townships and counties.
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We exist for one purpose: to serve and delight CivicPlus clients. Our team will help you find answers, whether through a reference document, email, phone call, or tweet.
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Visit our Help Center, where you can find all the valuable information you need on our products, or submit a ticket for assistance.
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