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Our Story

Helping 2,500+ Local Governments Achieve More With Less.



The CivicPlus story began over 20 years ago with a focus to help local governments achieve more with less.


CivicPlus has grown to a team of 200+ employees, many who have experience in local government organizations.


CivicPlus has partnered with more than 2,500 local governments across Canada and the United States.


We know things have changed for you. Citizens’ expectations are on the rise while resources are dropping, and now, more than ever, you need a partner who can give you more. More solutions, more “aha” moments, and more tangible results. Bringing tailored technology and deep local government expertise together in a powerful way, we deliver thoughtful solutions that improve the dynamics between people, process and structure. We work closely with you, so that you can work closer with the people who count on you. Together we make good communities great.



Over the past 20 years, we’ve partnered with over 2,500 local government clients, helping them connect with citizens in more meaningful ways. With our CivicEngage, CivicHR and CivicReady software suites, we tailor our easy-to-use solutions to meet your unique needs. And while we have powerful programs and intuitive technology, it’s our people who truly make it all work for local government.

Our expert team partners with you to develop a clear vision of success. We take a step back, ask a lot of questions and gain clarity around the issues before we do anything else. With a true understanding of your needs, we then align our solutions and make sure that what we’re doing is not only integrated, but actionable, too.



But smart solutions mean nothing if we don’t stand behind them. And we do. With responsive service, support and world-class training, we always see things through - even years after we’ve “completed” the project. Approachable and available 24/7/365, our clients give our technical support team rave reviews. And you’ll be happy to know that our solutions are hosted in secure, remote locations, giving you absolute protection and peace of mind knowing the upside of working with us is that there is virtually no downtime.



And while we’re connecting you to citizens, we stay connected to what’s happening in our industry. We seek out the latest developments in technology, study market trends, integrate government best practices, and then share it all with you. Because we know that the more we give you, the more you’ll achieve.

Our Core Values


Making an impact and doing something meaningful


Driven to succeed


Honest, ethical and actively pursuing truth

Team Player

Working well with others and relating to them


Continuously search for better solutions