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Our Story

Helping 3,500+ Local Governments Achieve More With Less.



The CivicPlus story began over 20 years ago with a focus to help local governments achieve more with less.


CivicPlus has grown to a team of 200+ employees, many who have experience in local government organizations.


CivicPlus has partnered with more than 2,500 local governments across Canada and the United States.

The Integrated Technology Platform for Local Government

With more than 20 years of experience focused exclusively on local government, CivicPlus understands the challenges communities face today: The need to do more, with less. CivicPlus is THE integrated technology platform for local government. We connect municipal employees and elected officials with the citizens they represent and serve with the simplicity, versatility, and power of our integrated portfolio of local government solutions.

Over 60,000+ local government employees use our software solutions, which are interacted with by more than 75 million citizens in the United States, Canada and Australia. Our local government websites registered over 2 billion page views, and collect 30 million+ website searches. Because of our 3,500+ clients, we understand the relationship between local government and citizens like no one else in the industry.

CivicPlus has been an INC. 5000 fastest growing company for the past six years, and has made the GovTech 100 list every year since its inception. Our integrated solutions include a website content management system and website hosting (CivicEngage), mass and emergency notifications (CivicReady), recreation management (CivicRec), agenda and meeting management (CivicClerk), and employee management (CivicHR). All are connected by the CivicPlus platform, and all are supported by one seamless team.


Achieve More With Less

We know things have changed for you. Citizens’ expectations are on the rise while resources are dropping, and now, more than ever, you need a partner who can give you more. More solutions, more “aha” moments, and more tangible results. Bringing tailored technology and deep local government expertise together in a powerful way, we deliver thoughtful solutions that improve the dynamics between people, process and structure. We work closely with you, so that you can work closer with the people who count on you. Together we make good communities great.


Smart Solutions

Founded in 1997, we are proud to have earned the trust of our over 3,500 local government clients and their 60,000+ administrative users. Over 75 million citizens engage with our solutions daily. Knowing that our tools help so many individuals find local information, apply for jobs, stay informed during times of disaster, and be active in their communities, pushes us to continually evolve our solutions as the needs of local government evolve.


Our Core Values


Making an impact and doing something meaningful


Driven to succeed


Honest, ethical and actively pursuing truth

Team Player

Working well with others and relating to them


Continuously search for better solutions