What is a 311 and Citizen Request Management Solution?

Written by Cari Tate

Learn how a 311 and citizen request management solution can help you manage and respond to citizen requests.


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Civic service exists in many forms for local government. From election coordination to funding allocations to public works, successful governing means listening, responding, and reacting. In an era where citizens expect the convenience of on-demand, any device connectivity from brands, public entities, and resources, the number, and variety of channels citizens want to use to reach their local leaders to issue requests, inquiries, and suggestions have never been greater. While local leaders used to resort to time-consuming manual documentation and follow-up processes to manage and respond to requests, modern 311 and citizen request management solutions are helping to automate critical aspects of citizen service.

What Is 311 and Citizen Request Management Software?

 311 and citizen request management software solutions enable automated and streamlined citizen service delivery for local governments. In many areas, 311 remains a phone number that residents can call for information about services, and issue community-based requests, such as reporting that a street light has burned out. Modern 311 and citizen request management tools have amplified the capabilities of the traditional 311 phone number, creating fully integrated internal and external communication and request maintenance tracking tools.

Turn Citizen Requests into Work Orders

One of the most significant challenges for local government leaders is successfully facilitating the number and variety of service requests that exist today. Where citizens used to commonly call or walk into a public office to report graffiti or potholes, today they need a contactless solution that is easy for their local leaders to receive and track, and that remains visible for the requesting citizen.

The most advanced 311 and citizen request management solutions give citizens a convenient mobile interface to submit service and repair requests. From there, civic leaders can convert relevant messages into trackable service requests for public works and other departments, ensuring accountability and transparency. It is within this model, in which citizen requests become automated, trackable work orders, that local governments find the greatest workflow and data management efficiency and that citizens benefit from the most transparency and expedited responses.

How Does 311 and Citizen Request Management Benefit Municipalities?

For civic leaders, modern 311 CRM software solutions offer:

  • A consolidation of service requests into a single management hub
  • The ability to respond to citizens more timely
  • The ability to convert citizen inquiries directly into internal service requests
  • Automated follow-ups with internal departments until service requests are complete
  • Automated follow-ups with the requesting citizen when work is complete
  • Insightful data that can be used to identify trends in citizen concerns and community repair issues
  • A high level of transparency and responsiveness to citizen needs
  • Streamlined public works request management and operations
  • A greater ability to meet the growing desire for citizens to digitally self-service their needs
  • The ability to conserve limited staffing funds by automating workflows that formerly needed to be managed manually by staff

How Does 311 and Citizen Request Management Benefit Citizens?

In an era where citizen expectations for local government responsiveness have never been higher, with modern 311 CRM software solutions citizens benefit from:

  • An intuitive tool to submit service requests
  • Transparency into the request management process
  • Guaranteed follow-up and response
  • Direct access to civic leaders
  • The ability to report issues when identified and even include photos and geo-tagged locations for streamlined request documentation accuracy.

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