CivicPlus Announces the Launch of CivicOptimize Productivity

Written by Jessica Marabella

Low-Code Application Software Will Help Municipalities Rapidly Bring Government Services Online Now
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CivicPlus®, the leader in integrated technology for local governments, has announced the launch of new software aimed at helping municipalities address the critical need to rapidly bring government services online in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. Its Productivity low-code, rapid application development tool is part of its new CivicOptimizeTM suite of integrated services and solutions aimed at enabling local government digital optimization.

According to CivicPlus Chief Executive Officer Brian Rempe, CivicOptimize Productivity will enable governments of all sizes, staff levels, technical capabilities, and budgets to build custom workflows, mobile applications, and software integrations to expedite the delivery of citizen services

“We recognize that in the wake of COVD-19, local governments need to bring services online now,” said Rempe. “We are experiencing a generational paradigm shift in business delivery. Even when municipalities reopen their doors, there will be no going back to manual, paper-based, analog workflow models. Citizens want digital, on-demand access to government services, and municipal staff needs to be able to function in a decentralized environment. Productivity will help local governments accomplish both needs without a costly technology investment, overhauling existing systems, or outsourcing custom configurations to programmers.”

The Productivity low-code software will allow for faster application development and solution launch with minimal hand-coding. Low-code development environments also enable collaboration between non-technical department leaders, making them ideal for municipalities for which workflows often cross departmental boundaries. As the flagship product within the CivicOptimize solution suite, Productivity will serve as the foundational software tool to help municipalities achieve digital optimization along with existing, integrated ecosystem of cloud-based software solutions, such as CivicPlus Mobile, and CivicPlus Pay.

Said Rempe, “As a software solution company that has thrived over two decades by continually adapting to changing industry expectations, we understand that municipalities need to reopen for business and do it fast with a digital, ready-to-use solution that they can deploy online today. So, that’s what we’re offering.”