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How to Release a New Logo to Your Community with Max Excitement

Tips for Special Parks and Rec Districts


March 27, 2023
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Having a unique brand identity for your special parks and recreation district is not uncommon. So, how do you create a visual identity for your district that can evolve to become as recognizable and loved as your historical town seal?

We’ve compiled three best practices for rolling out unique branding in a way that will make a big splash with the public.

Create a Timeline and Budget

Perhaps you are designing your new identity internally or working with your communications office or a third-party agency. Regardless of who’s doing the work, you must first determine how long the development process will take to implement your brand identity change successfully and scope your promotional budget accordingly.

Conduct an Impact Audit

Building trust with residents is hard if your parks and recreation page has one name and logo but your Instagram shows something different. Streamlined branding subconsciously communicates reliability. Ensure you prepare for your new brand identity to appear everywhere you do. You’ll need to audit all your district’s systems, social media accounts, marketing materials, and partnership promotions and prepare to update them accordingly with your new look.

Develop a Detailed Communication Strategy

After developing your new logo, color palette, and tagline for your parks and recreation district, you could simply decide on a day and time to flip the switch and display your new identity on your district’s website. However, wouldn’t it be more impactful to create intrigue and interest by teasing that a change is coming and hosting a release party?

Ask yourself this question: Why do people love the Super Bowl (aside from the outstanding football game and tremendous food?) It’s because people love advertising and branding and sharing their feedback. Give your community something to talk about by getting them excited for your reveal by teasing that a change is coming on social media, in newsletters, and at events. Then, on a set date and time, release your logo at a local event and celebrate it with the same attention and enthusiasm you would give to a new playground or team member.

Let loose and surprise and delight residents with branded t-shirts, hoodies, hats, and cookies — if you have the spare funds, make an effort to show that this rebrand benefits the entire community. Your district is the backbone of extracurricular activities for many people in your community. Meet and greet old and new friends as you share the branding. Free marketing is best; nothing promotes your community more effectively than happy, enthusiastic residents.

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