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Announcing the White House Open Social Media Archive


January 5, 2017
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Here at ArchiveSocial, we’re starting 2017 off with a big announcement.

Our team has been working with the White House to launch an interactive open archive of social media content from more than 100 social media profiles from the Obama administration. The Obama White House Social Media Archive, which contains over 250,000 social media posts, is now available at http://ObamaWhiteHouseArchive.social.

This historic archive, which is open and accessible to the general public, is part of the Digital Transition Plan announced by the White House. It consolidates social media records from more than 100 White House social media profiles, including the President’s @POTUS Twitter timeline, the official White House Facebook page, and the First Lady’s Instagram feed.

We’re looking forward to seeing the many ways that the general public will use this archive. We’ll keep track of the most popular search terms, and will share those results periodically. Our staff has enjoyed browsing the numerous photos of President Obama playing with children and the real stars of the White House, Bo and Sunny.

Social media has been a key tool for the Obama administration to communicate with American citizens, and President Obama has even been referred to as the first “social media president.” This embrace of social media shows the importance of government transparency to this administration. Through the open social media archive, this transparency will be preserved after his presidency ends. (Thanks, Obama.)

We’re especially excited to be involved in creating and maintaining this open archive because it fits into our company mission to empower and protect open dialogue.

Why We’re Passionate About the White House Social Media Archive

Our goal at ArchiveSocial is to make sure the conversations happening online are given the same respect and protection as those happening on paper, in person, or over email. In fact, our stated company mission is “to empower and protect open dialogue.” We hope that through technology and a free exchange information, we will do our part in helping ensure that a diversity of voices have the opportunity to be heard and included in the historical record of our civilization. Social media plays a crucial role in the shaping of our modern world, from politics and policing to corporate citizenship and popular culture. ArchiveSocial is making sure the lessons learned and ideas exchanged through social networking are not forgotten.

To learn more about the White House open archive, visit archivesocial.com/whitehouse.

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