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New Report Finds U.S. School District Websites Need To Improve Their Content Quality


August 10, 2023
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New Report Finds U.S. School District Websites Need To Improve Their Content Quality

This post originally appeared on Newswire.com.

San Diego, September 16, 2021 – CivicPlus (formerly Monsido) released an industry report analyzing the websites of the top 50 largest school districts in the U.S. based on their Content Quality Assurance, Web Accessibility, SEO, Response Time, and Performance.

The industry benchmark revealed that the Top 5 Websites Overall belonged to Northside Independent School District, Austin Independent School District, Polk County Public Schools, Prince George’s County Public Schools, and Fulton County Public Schools. Top performers in the other benchmarked categories are detailed in the report.

In addition to the quantitative findings from the website scans, the report also contains qualitative insights from a survey fielded at the National School Public Relations Association (NPSRA) conference that took place in New Orleans in July 2021. Key findings from the survey included that School District Websites are primarily used informationally and vital for effective mass communication with students, parents/guardians, and staff alike.

For the Content Quality Assurance category, the websites were scanned using the CivicPlus Monsido Quality Assurance module that looks at the number of content quality issues, such as broken links, broken image links, and misspellings. Overall, the report found that despite the importance of website content, most School District websites scored on average in the “Poor” category. The report also revealed the Top 5 Performers in the Content Quality Assurance category: Duval County Public Schools, Fort Bend Independent School District, Fort Worth Independent School District, Loudoun County Public Schools, and Ledd County Public Schools.

“It is crucial that school district websites are viewed as a trusted source of information for the local community. School districts are continuously working to improve the quality, accessibility, and inclusivity of their websites. Our hope is that this report can shed light on which areas require prioritization for more user-friendly and error-free websites. ” says Robert France, Sales Director for the Monsido solution.

For more on the insights on US School District Websites, read the full benchmark report here.

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