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Critical public records, like the City's code of ordinances, were not easily available online


Implement solution from CivicPlus, including Municode Codification Online Code Hosting


Increased access and transparency for residents and staff

Smithfield City, Utah, had to come up with a way to host its code of Ordinances, personnel manual, construction, and design standards, and cemetery rules and policies online to increase transparency, easily edit and update each book, and cut down on paper. This need meant finding a platform capable of handling four different books.

Before Smithfield’s books were online, residents traveled to City Hall to view them and obtain the information they needed. Though the City had previously hosted their code online, their other books were only available on paper. This paper-based method proved to be inefficient and left a gap in transparency. Since the City wanted a solution that could handle all four books, they began to seek elsewhere.

To ditch paper-based methods, the City enlisted the help of CivicPlus (formerly Municode) and its Policies and Procedures Software. Now, the staff has a robust solution capable of hosting all four books in one place. All personnel and residents can access the books on both a desktop and mobile device. This access is especially beneficial for construction workers who need to look up standards on a job site, saving them a trip to city hall.

In addition, the solution allows staff to edit documents by downloading policy sections to their desktops, eliminating the need for scanning paper documents and making their lives easier.

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