Challenge: Easy resident access to code of ordinances

Solution: An integrated Municipal Website and Online Code Hosting from CivicPlus

Result: Improved resident satisfaction

Keys to Project

Citizen relationship management, communication outreach, data management

Forest Hills, Tennessee, Partners with CivicPlus® for Integrated Website and Online Code Hosting

Forest Hills, Tennessee, wanted to expand its resources to its community by providing an online code platform and brand new website. Before partnering with CivicPlus (formerly Municode), residents had two ways of receiving requests for code: visiting City Hall or calling in a request. Visiting took time and was often inconvenient. While requests were a method that could be done without leaving the home, they took several days to fill as staff would need to sift through various codebooks to find the specific code that was requested. 

CivicPlus acquired Municode in 2021. Today, Municode Codification and its Drupal-based content management system (CMS) are part of the CivicPlus Civic Experience Platform.


Forest Hills, Tennessee

It made sense for the City to explore options to host its code online in a more digital world. During the search for a reliable partner, City leaders realized Forest Hills' website needed an overhaul as well. 

When it came time to pick a codification service and municipal web designer, it made sense for Forest Hills to partner with CivicPlus because of the integration between the two services. The online code can be accessed through the website, and both utilize the same search bar, allowing for integrated and seamless navigation.

There are also intuitive features built into the code platform, such as recent changes, pending amendments, and previous versions. This gives the community a transparent view of the entire history of the code of ordinances. Finding specific ordinances is now much easier and a massive improvement from the physical codebooks. Staff can even email and share links to specific ordinances, allowing for streamlined communication. Forest Hill's new website also simplifies navigation and allows staff and the community to find content in three clicks or less. On the backend, the Content Management System simplifies creating and maintaining content, meaning non-technical staff can utilize it. 

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