Challenge: Its website was content-heavy and not organized in a way that made it easy for residents or staff to find information

Solution: Implement an integrated Municipal Website and Agenda and Meeting Management software

Result: A visually appealing website that is easy to navigate and search

Keys to Project

Citizen relationship management, communication outreach, data management

Madison County, Virginia Implements Integrated Website and Agenda and Meeting Management Solution

Madison County, Virginia, needed a new website that reduced the amount of information presented and increased the quality of the content. Its leaders also needed an automated agenda and meeting management meeting solution that would integrate onto the newly designed website Before partnering with CivicPlus® (formerly Municode), the old Madison County website presented an overwhelming amount of content, making it difficult for residents to navigate to specific information. County leaders also desired an updated visual design that reflected the system's modern functionality.

CivicPlus acquired Municode in 2021. Today, Municode's Agenda and Meeting Management system and Drupal-based Open-Source website content management system (CMS) are part of the CivicPlus Civic Experience Platform.


Madison County, Virginia

Since Madison County's website needed to streamline and better organize its content, it needed a CMS that was easy enough for any non-technical staff to utilize. With a vision of keeping the community well informed, and increasing the quality of content, Madison County, Virginia, partnered with CivicPlus to redesign its website and implement an integrated agenda and meeting management system.

Today, the County's device-responsive website features a non-scrolling design organized to present the most sought-after content. A beautiful photo of Madison County sits in the background, and users can explore the latest news, the event calendar, and critical links. The key links are where users will find the Meetings Portal, which gives them access to automated minutes and agendas. With this new redesign, both residents and visitors have open access to all things Madison County. 

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