Township: Marshall Township, PA

Population: 9,355

Products: Recreation Management, Municipal Website

Keys to Project

Single Partner, Configurable Functionality, Integrated Payments

Marshall Township, PA Relies on CivicPlus® for Evolving Digital Rec Management Needs

Compared to its neighbors, Marshall Township, Pennsylvania, is a small community, though it is no less packed with engagement opportunities, classes, leagues, gorgeous parks and trails, and of course, its annual community events. It’s known for its annual Easter Egg hunt, Halloween party, and Community Day. Its 10,000 citizens appreciate its proximity to the Pennsylvania Turnpike, its local charm, shopping, restaurants, and quality schools—which is why Marshall Township is a growing community.

With increasing expectations for easily accessible services from its growing population and resource restrictions in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Parks & Recreation Department relies on its CivicPlus Recreation Management software to make managing activities and coordinating sign-ups, registrations, and payments with residents streamlined and accessible.

“It’s been easy to use, and I appreciate that everything is in one place.”

— Jessica Drozd, Marshall Township Recreation Director

Marshall Township, PA Relies on CivicPlus for Evolving Digital Rec Management Needs

The Value of a Single Solution Provider

In 2018, when Jessica Drozd accepted the role of Marshall Township Recreation Director, the Township used a proprietary system for managing recreation programming and facilities.

“It was more like a retail-based system,” recalls Drozd. “It was not easy-to-use, and it didn’t provide any reporting; people couldn’t create accounts or make integrated online payments. After two years in my current role, we switched to [CivicPlus] as our recreation management software for the Township’s website.”

Evolving Recreation and Engagement in the COVID-19 ERA

Drozd has adjusted to the realities of working and serving residents in the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, though it’s not been without its challenges.

“It’s definitely been hard,” said Drozd. “We’ve always been a small department, but in October 2020, we had to reduce our staff to just one person.”

Even before COVID-19, the Marshall Township Parks & Recreation Department worked hard to compete with area leagues and classes for citizen awareness and participation.

“With COVID-19, it’s been difficult to adjust our offerings and continue to reach the public.”

Time-Saving Recreation Management Functionality

As Drozd and her fellow municipal employees have had to adjust to operating in a decentralized work environment, they have needed to leverage online functionality to coordinate with fellow departments, residents, and partners. In Drozd’s case, that includes instructors for those classes able to operate during the pandemic. She uses the CivicPlus Recreation Management software's Instructor Management functionality to coordinate assignments, participant rosters, and waiver documentation with her instructors.

“It’s been easy to use, and I appreciate that everything is in one place,” said Drozd.

While Marshall Township’s leaders and citizens continue to adjust to socially distanced engagements and online tools, Drozd knows she has the support of her Civicplus team now and in the future, no matter what challenges she may face next.

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