City:  Hamilton Township, NJ

Population: 87,552

Product: SeeClickFix 311 CRM, CivicPlus Chatbot*

Keys to Project

Scalability, quality customer service

SeeClickFix 311 CRM Answered Hamilton, NJ’s Call for a More Scalable Solution

Located in the heart of the Garden State, you will find the bustling Township of Hamilton, New Jersey. Hamilton is home to the nationally acclaimed park Grounds for Sculpture, and a growing community of more than 92,000 residents. If you have a green thumb or a love for flowers, their famous yearly Azalea festival takes place in May.  As the population of Hamilton continued to grow, like the gardens many in the community take pride in cultivating, Township staff became aware they needed new tools to meet the evolving needs of their residents and began the process of reviewing new partners and solutions.  After looking at several vendors, CivicPlus answered the call with their SeeClickFix 311 CRM software.

“There will always be system limitations, but SeeClickFix 311 CRM stood out as a platform that could grow alongside Hamilton and serve the community well.”

— Bianca Jerez, Chief of Staff, Township of Hamilton, NJ

SeeClickFix 311 CRM Answered Hamilton, NJ’s Call for a More Scalable Solution

An Adaptable Alternative

Jerez and Terri Jany, Hamilton’s Call Center Supervisor, answer resident requests all day.

“I think the overall goal of a call center is being able to have a central place for a resident to call rather than have to determine on their own,” notes Jany explaining the value of a central point of contact when multiple departments or staff assignees are involved, and different information needs to be collected and shared accordingly. Despite the numerous stakeholders for any given request, “The common goal is to provide the resident with accurate and timely information.”

“We are a vast municipality and have one of the only call centers in New Jersey. Our previous software was in need of modernization. Residents had to call in for all their permits and questions. Every workflow was either manual or took an extensive amount of time to complete online.” Jany shares, “We, like many local governments, are short on staff. Intaking, documenting, and communicating resident requests is manually intensive.”

"We still field many calls, but the Chatbot functionality has been able to serve residents with small questions, like where to submit voting registration."

– Bianca Jerez, Chief of Staff, Township of Hamilton, NJ


Calling In SeeClickFix 311 CRM

Jerez and Jany are in the trenches every day, taking in questions about everything from how to get a marriage certificate to abandoned car reports. Our SeeClickFix 311 CRM software provided the community a platform to digitally submit maintenance requests and safety checks. Since implementing the solution in 2022, Hamilton County has resolved over 12,000 issues and counting within the community.

“The community is a bit older, but the feedback about the system has been great so far. Pretty intuitive to use. Uploading request information used to take extended periods. Now it only takes a minute or two, start to finish.”

– Terri Jany, Call Center Supervisor, Township of Hamilton, NJ


Big Future for Hamilton

Hamilton cares deeply about the community and its residents and the municipality tries to improve the civic experience every chance they get, including implementing the omni-channel inbox in conjunction with the SeeClickFix 311 CRM. This feature allows bi-directional multi-channel communication between residents and staff. “The conversation part is new to us, and providing residents with a tool where they don’t have to speak to someone is in line with technology advancements in society,” Jany stated.

Along with the novelty of receiving all communications in one inbox, the capability helps the township raise workflow efficiency and allows staff to have more personal interactions with its residents.

“The new 311 CRM software has freed up some of our workflows, so we can feel confident we are serving the community to the best ability while giving each resident our full dedication. That is a wonderful feeling."

– Bianca Jerez, Chief of Staff, Township of Hamilton, NJ


*CivicPlus Chatbot is powered by Frase

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