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Civic Experience Awards

Nominate the Difference-Makers in Your Administration for the CivicPlus® Civic Experience Awards

What Are Civic Experiences?

Civic experiences are interactions between governments and the residents they serve.

Every day in communities of all sizes, residents interact with their government.

Sometimes the interactions are intentional and transactional — such as when a resident pays their water bill in person at the local public works office. Other times, the experiences go unrealized, such as when a resident safely drives on a snow-plowed road or turns on their faucet to pour a glass of clean water.

CivicPlus is recognizing government leaders creating positive resident interactions.

CivicPlus created the Civic Experience Awards to recognize current U.S.-based CivicPlus customers that are leading government departments, teams, or community initiatives that are working hard to improve civic experiences in ways that create greater resident satisfaction, safer, cleaner, and more profitable communities.

How Are You Improving Civic Experiences?

We want to hear your stories of projects, initiatives, or process changes that have created positive civic experiences in your community. Nominate a team, a department, or your entire government agency now. Help us tell the stories of difference-makers in your administration.

Civic Experience Award Winners

The first-place winner will receive a $1,500 charitable contribution to an organization in its name and a recognition trophy. The remaining two finalists will receive a $500 charitable contribution to an organization in their name and a recognition trophy. We will create a video showcasing the top three winners’ stories in the press release announcing the overall winner.