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Congratulations, 2023 Civic Experience Award Winners

CivicPlus® is honored to announce the top three winners in the 2023 Civic Experience Awards, a program that aims to recognize local government leaders, departments, and municipalities working hard to improve civic experiences to create greater civic participation and satisfaction, safer, cleaner, and more profitable communities.

First Place | The City of Margate, Florida

The judges unanimously chose the City of Margate. Florida, and its Property Improvement Grant Program (PIP) as this year’s winner. On October 19, 2022, the Margate City Commission approved the program, which set aside 1.5 million dollars for property owners to make comprehensive fixed capital and other improvements to their property. The program provides 50% reimbursement up to $10,000 for improvements to single-family properties or multi-family (individually owned) homesteaded properties. It also provides a 50% reimbursement grant of up to $50,000 for commercial or multi-family properties and common areas and building exteriors owned by condominium or homeowner associations. The program’s intent is to encourage property and business owners to restore, renovate, and improve their property, thereby improving the area’s visual quality and attractiveness and increasing property values in Margate.

Second Place | The Village of Skokie, Illinois

The Village of Skokie knew it needed to meet its residents’ digital needs by turning paper-based forms and applications into simple digital forms. Using CivicPlus’ Process Automation and Digital Services tool the Village digitally transformed a number of services for residents and businesses, including Fire Protection System Inspections, Pet Licensing, Alarm Permit Renewals, Emergency Financial Assistance Applications, and Birth and Death Certificate Applications. The project achieved its goals of automating internal processes and providing a seamless digital experience for community members and staff. As a result, residents can access services online, increasing efficiency, satisfaction, and a reduction in the number of phone calls and visits to the Village Hall.

Third Place | The City of Calera, Alabama

The City of Calera embarked on a transformative journey to improve its civic experience by updating its website based on its residents’ feedback and requests and creating online forms to improve community self-service. To create an intuitive user experience, Calera analyzed the questions and concerns raised by its residents using the CivicPlus Chatbot and utilized this information to tailor the website design accordingly. By identifying the most frequently asked questions, the City was able to place pertinent information prominently on the website, allowing residents to access crucial details quickly and effortlessly. Recognizing the need for a streamlined and efficient process for common requests, Calera introduced CivicPlus’ Process Automation and Digital Services tool for utility applications, business license applications, and renewals. These online forms eliminated the need for physical paperwork, reducing time-consuming and error-prone manual processes. By gathering all the necessary information upfront, the City empowered its employees with a comprehensive workflow, ensuring quick and accurate processing of requests. This improved service delivery efficiency and minimized the frustration of citizens who previously had to navigate complex and time-intensive procedures.

Thank You to Our Judges

Rick Satterfield

CivicPlus Customer Advisory board member and Webmaster for the City of Pocatello, Idaho

Chris Coleman

2022 Civic Experience Award Recipient and eGovernment Services Engineer for Chesterfield County, Virginia

Jenny Burger

2022 Civic Experience Award Recipient and Digital Services Manager for Stearns County, Minnesota

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