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Creating Agendas Just Got Easy

Agenda Management Software


BoardSync is now CivicClerk, a part of CivicPlus

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Our easy-to-use agenda management software helps local government clerks to automate and manage meeting agendas and packets with a simple, consistent process while eliminating time-consuming manual tasks.

CivicClerk® Agenda Management Software Helps Municipalities

Streamline Process

Streamline Processes

Simplify the entire meeting process from start to finish while providing staff with a centralized location for all board and committee documents.

Keep Data Secure

Keep Data Secure

Set access levels for individual users, ensuring control and security. Easily identify attachments that require limited access based on staff or security level.

Quickly Find Information

Easily retrieve meeting content with our powerful search engine that automatically organizes and stores past items, attachments, minutes, and agendas by keyword.

Time-Saving Benefits

  • Customize to Meet Your Needs - CivicClerk’s agenda management software can be customized to fit the process needs and unique approval processes of your local government. Create and manage content with custom designs and templates, wording, numbering, and ordering. Utilize a public portal that matches your website for a consistent user experience.
  • Complete Security and Access Oversight - Our software allows you to customize your content’s security based on staff member access rights, ensuring security and privacy. Administrators can set access levels for individual users, allowing you to control who can access specific content. You can easily identify attachments for limited access at the staff member or security level.
  • Create Agenda Items in Seconds - The agenda creation process is intuitive and simple for your entire organization, and frees-up time for clerks to focus on other important tasks. With our agenda management system, you can easily track all key item information, create tasks and to-do reminders. CivicClerk supports PDFs, images, and Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files. Its simple drag-and-drop functionality makes ordering and reordering support documents fast and easy. CivicClerk integrates with Google Docs and Microsoft OneDrive so you can easily import documents into the file-sharing systems you already use today.
  • Agenda Approval Tracking - Obtain approvals on agenda items faster and without time-consuming, manual follow-ups. CivicClerk’s powerful approval engine streamlines the routing of email notifications and manages backup approvers. Last minute changes are easy to manage and stress-free. 
  • Easily Manage Agenda Packets of Any Size - It only takes a couple of clicks to create a packet of any size in seconds. Easily build different versions based on the inclusion of confidential materials. Packets are automatically converted to PDFs that include bookmarks and links with no extra steps or manual set up. Our open government platform allows you to immediately publish packets to your public portal, allowing for instant transparency and convenient voter access to local information. 
  • Access to Meeting Content on Any Device - Your board members can choose how to access meeting content—helping them work better, faster. Efficiently deliver packets of any size by paper, email, Dropbox, download, or board portal. CivicClerk is optimized for all devices including desktops, laptops, tablets, and mobile phones. 
  • Find What You Need—Faster - CivicClerk automatically organizes and stores all your meeting content, so it’s easy to quickly find what you’re looking for. Our search tools allow you to easily locate past items, attachments, minutes, and agendas by searching a keyword, date range, and more.
  • Analytics to Improve Organization Performance - Have you ever wondered if anyone read your minutes or opened a document? We have the answer. CivicClerk provides clear reporting insights on progress and goals. Our dashboards and built-in reporting tools provide key metrics on the entire agenda and meeting minute process.

Reach your goals with confidence

CivicClerk allows local government administration  to be more efficient. Complete the form below and see if CivicClerk is right for you.